Tuesday, August 20, 2013

a weekend celebration!

This weekend was my sweetheart's birthday. He turned thirty two! Not that he is even phased by it. You see he is as calm as it gets. :-) This also makes him very easy to please. Which is great for me. Now someday we'll do it up big and take a great trip or hop on a cruise. But for now a date with his wife, sleeping in, a big breakfast and simple fun with the family suits him just fine. And I love him for it!

So that is just what we did! After he took care of some things on Saturday we decided to go out for an early dinner, pop in the bookstore for a bit (one of our favorite things) and a cup of coffee, and then to a movie. Karina was staying the night with my folks so it all worked out great! 

It was a lovely night and after getting some good sleep he woke up with a craving for the perfect omelet! So we decided to skip church ( not recommending this but every now and then we all need a little stay-cation). Had a very quiet and relaxing morning and just enjoyed each other. 

Jeff got the pool all cleaned up and when I looked out the window this is what I found! :-) I love seeing him relax. He works hard all week long and then comes home to work some more. So when I see him chilling out and enjoying his home it is joy to my soul! 

We took it easy that afternoon. Karina was dropped off later that day and that night we joined up with Jeff's family for a birthday dinner after hitting the bookstore to waste some time. 

We had a really nice time! Living close to his family is really a blessing!! We always have some good laughs! 

Frozen strawberry lemonade and a delicious chicken dinner!! 

Karina just had to get this shirt for her daddy. And be warned now there is a scary number of M&M's ahead. 

Gotta love those faces!! 

And how many M&M's can one man eat?? We'll see!

Sunday night we got some rest. Monday was work as usual for daddy. Karina and I got things done around the house but also were busy making a yummy cookie cake to celebrate one more time on Jeff's actual birthday. 

I made a yummy but simple dinner and then we dressed up a bit and sang Happy birthday to our special guy!! Yeah so Jazz wasn't too excited about our fun little hats but he stuck it out. :-) 

We sure do love this guy!!!! Praising God for his 32 years and praying for many more! 

That night we put our little lady to bed, watched some tv and then he pulled his guitar out and started playing a song he's learning. I love it! 

He used to play it a lot before we got married. I will say I was drawn in by it then and it still sends my heart a flutter when he plays today. 

God has blessed me so much with this man's love. He is all I ever wanted and more. That doesn't mean we don't have our ups and downs. But it does mean we, before we were even here on this earth, were made for each other. I know this because each day I learn from him and am so honored to live this one blessed life with him. God is using us both to make us more like Him and for that I am truly grateful. Oh and yeah he still makes me weak in the knees. :-) 

I love you babe and can't wait to see what other verses God writes in our song! 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Karina's 7th birthday!!

This little lady could hardly wait to get the birthday fun started on her special day! We let her open one gift that morning. One because she was so excited and two because mommy needed this gift to make her cake. :-) 

As you can see we went with a dolphin theme. She had been to a couple of her cousin's birthdays that used that theme too and she thought it was great! We did change it a little and made it more about being a dolphin trainer. She was thrilled about this new dolphin trainer barbie and mommy saw the makings of an easy cake design! 

My little birthday girl wanted to help make the cake and since we had a good part of the day to get things ready I was more then happy to let her. 

Silly girl!! 

Once all her guest (almost all cousins!) had arrived they headed straight for the pool for some fun! After a little while we played some fun games. 

The first one was pretending all the girls were dolphins and I hooked a balloon to the end of our pool skimmer pole. We don't have a pic of this one because I was busy being the dolphin trainer, :-) letting each girl try jumping out of the water and touching their noise to the balloon. They loved it! 

The next one Karina wanted to perform the trainer duty's. So she took over and had each "dolphin" swim through the hoop! They loved this one too and they won a jelly bracelet for doing the trick.

Those sweet little dolphins needed a snack and what's better then a bucket of fish!! 

After eating a yummy dinner the girls were up for some more pool time while the adults finished up.

Our precious friend Mara was so sweet to come to celebrate our girl.  Mara is like an aunt to Karina and they love spending time together! Thanks again for coming Mara!! 

The cake was my attempt at making a pool for barbie to train her dolphins in. And then light the candles without lighting the dolphins on fire! Karina loved it and that's what counts for this mommy!! 

We all enjoyed the cake and ice cream! 

Karina was so blessed to be given some wonderful things by our friends and family. It is such a gift as her parents to see others show her love in this way. And it's also a gift to see her be truly grateful! 

Karina loves this game! Her boy cousins gave her this and you can change it from people to pets! Too cute!! 

Can you tell she loves this cute puppy from her aunt, uncle and cousins? I missed getting a shot of the adorable book about drawing horses. 

This kid loves Lego's!! Her sweet friend Madelyn gave her this cute set. 

This girl loves some littlest pet shop from her sweet cousins!! 

This gift was a certificate for painting pottery with her cousins and we are hoping to do that really soon!! She is excited! 

The earrings were from her precious great grandma and they are her birthstone. She is really excited to finally be able to change her earrings!! 

I have been wanting to get her this set for a while now. So we went in on it with my folks and I think I'm as excited as she is!! Daddy of course got a big kick out of the mommy mowing the yard! Good thing I enjoy yard work. ;-) 

This face cracks me up! Looks like, "gift receipt? who needs that? These gifts are awesome!!"

Adorable clothes from Nana and Pappy. And some more really really cool Lego's!!

We are so very blessed that our sweet girl has such wonderful cousins close by and precious friends. It is such a joy to see them all together and having a great time!! 

Karina loved getting these party favors ready for the girls. And I'm sure their parents will love us for putting the cute dolphin trainer whistles in their buckets! 

Karina loves her great grandma and we live less then five minutes away from her so we get to see her lots! As well as her wonderful grandparents!! So blessed on both sides of the family! 

It was a fabulous time and we couldn't be more grateful for the last seven years with our beautiful little lady!! We are so blessed and honored to be her parents. 

We pray for many more years to come and the wisdom and grace to lead her in the ways of the Lord so that she will come to know Jesus as her savior and live a life that is pleasing to Him!

The party was a blast and we even left the decorations up the whole weekend. Mommy was too lazy to take them down. :-) 

Someone didn't waste any time the next day busting out the Lego's and building away. This provided hours of entertainment for us both and we even took a break for a game of guess who! Love the pet side!!

Next up is daddy's birthday!! So come back soon!!