Sunday, February 17, 2013

a precious party for a precious girl

A couple weeks ago I had the joy of helping with the decorating for the birthday of one of my favorite little girls. My sis in law, Emily, was throwing the cutest ice cream party and if you know me I love decorating!! So it was a win win for me. Time with my sis and doing something I love!! So take a look....

How cute are these ice cream cup cakes Emily's mom made!! And two more of my favorite girls getting ready to play a fun game of pin the sprinkles on the ice cream.

Sweet Amelia the birthday girl!

Oh and I had to snap a picture of girl Lego heaven. Well that's what Karina thinks it is. :-) 

Sweet Hallie can't have cake yet so she snacked on this baby doll instead. Just some of the many toppings. Might just have to have our own ice cream party this summer just because. 

Karina enjoying her ice cream with her big for year old cousin. How cute are those bowls and spoons! 

Love this kid and so blessed she is in our lives!!

valentine's day

Our Valentine's Day was a sweet one. We enjoyed the company of my sweet sis in law and her kids for some valentine bingo and lunch. Yes bingo counted as school. :-)  The kids loved it, especially the part where they ate the M&M's! The day before k made a sweet card for Nana and she made herself one too cuz girly loves her some crafting!!

We found this great book at the library that was based on 1 Cor. 13. I love that it has pictures of what is not loving contrasted with those that are. Such a great visual example for any age in how the Lord would have us be towards one another.

And then here is our bingo fun. :-) 

Karina and I had fun putting these together for her sweet cousins. And Nana made a special visit to drop off something sweet to K. Oh how this girl loves her Nana!!

This is how we ended the night. My hubby and I were actually helping out friends that evening but we came home to spend some time together and its how I want to end every Valentine's Day now. Our plan was to go out on Friday, the day after Valentine's and I think that's what a lot of people had in mind. Still this night was special and so relaxing!

Love this sweet man of mine!! 

Earlier in the week K and I had some fun going out with some friends for lunch at a lovely little place on the water. She was great and it was a blessing to visit with some dear sister's in the Lord. They bless me every time we are together. The food was yummy too.

I love that my girly and I can go out and have a great time with friends. After this we popped in at daddy's work to say hi. Love seeing him in the middle of the day even if it's just a few minutes. 

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!!

it's magic!!

We recently had some fun going to a little magic workshop for home school families that was given by a great magician. My sweet sis in law told me about it and I'm so glad we went. Karina loved it and came away wanting to show everyone the tricks she learned. I'll let the pics do the talking. :-) 

After the workshop we thought it would be fun to buy tickets for the show the next night. It was a lot of fun and not something Karina will forget any time soon.

she's growing up

Karina is loving that she can spell and write words! Here is a sweet picture she drew for a dear friend that lives far away. Love it!!!


A few weeks ago Karina and I took some friends out for a little play time. It was a beautiful day and they had so much fun exploring while I enjoyed the view. Just thought I'd share.....