Friday, August 9, 2013

love this lady!

This week we celebrated my sweet mother in laws birthday. She is such a blessing to all of us! My sweet sister in law was happy to have us all to her lovely home for a little party and a wonderful dinner! 

It was a great night and really relaxing. This little girl can't get enough of her Nana!! Love the bond they share and I pray it only grows stronger as the years go by! 

I had fun snapping pictures of everyone enjoying the moment. What a blessing to have family so close by. I think sometimes I get so used to it that I forget how special it really is.  

It was fun watching the kids get excited as Nana opened her gifts. This year Nana thought it would be neat to have the grandkids birth stones on something she could wear. So Emily, my sis in law, and I put our heads together and made a pretty set of jewelry that had just that. 

It was fun working together to make something so personalized for her. She loved them! I asked what my husband thought of them. You'll see what he did when giving his approval. :-) 

Oh dear me! He is a mess! But I love him.

It was a great time and the birthday celebrations have only begun for this month. Karina will be seven on Saturday and she is so excited! My sweet man will be 32 on the 19th! 

So we will keep the party going! Come back soon for more party fun!! 

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