Wednesday, July 31, 2013

august snuck up on me!

It was a wonderful day on the beach! It had been a little while since we had been so it was enjoyed even more. With my iced green tea in hand and the day to spare with some sweet family we played and relaxed and had a great time. 

God is so good and has blessed us so greatly with our family living so close by as well as a gorgeous beach to visit A LOT! 

I needed a break this week. We have been getting a lot done and it was time for a treat. :-)  The summer is going by so quickly.  August sure snuck up on me!

I can't get enough of watching this sweet girl have fun in the water. I am so bless to be her mom and don't always do the best job at showing her. But I'm so thankful that God in His great mercy saw fit to put us together. 

I am so awful at getting a pic of me having fun while we're out most of the time. But I was glad to get this one today! 

These kiddos couldn't have had better time. They laughed and played, caught fish with bread and nets, and did it all for hours! 

I was able to catch up on some good reading. I brought a great adoption magazine I had been wanting to look at. There were some articles that really encouraged me as we go through our adoption process. Thankful for the time to sit and ponder what I read in a beautiful place. 

One of the stories I read was a wonderful experience of an adopted girl that grew up always knowing how much she was loved by her birth parents and adoptive family. Here is a little excerpt and it made me hope that our child feels the same way some day.

Between reading some good stuff and enjoying the view I couldn't help but hear little overjoyed voices every time they caught a fish. 

They couldn't get enough and then Yiayia got in on the sand fun with them. My mom is such an awesome grandma and her grandkids love her so so much!! 

Yes I played a little too but got in some more good reading. God is really teaching and growing me as we wait for our precious child. The waiting is not easy but i know He is doing things behind the scenes and working in us exactly what He wants to. And I am grateful! 

Another thing I am grateful for are these sweet girls. They are growing way too fast so I had to snap a picture! Love them!! 

We have a ways to go before the weather cools of around here. So I know there will be more beach days ahead. But savoring them none the less. And praising God for all His blessings! 

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