Thursday, June 27, 2013

a lovely June day!

Summer is going by way too fast and I know many of you agree with me. But on days like this where it feels like time slows down just a little I'm so grateful. I'm grateful for mornings that seem to stretch on while my little plays petshop for hours and I lounge on the couch not paying any attention to the clock.

I'm grateful that we can drive a few minutes down the road to leisurely shop and find some fun things while picking up a birthday present. 

I'm grateful for yummy leftovers that are calling me to curl up on the couch again to relax. And lovely long naps that pasta seems to go along with. :-) And after that nap go to my welcoming crafty space to create some really sweet things! My happy place! 

I'm grateful for beautiful music and great voices that only God above could create!

This one's for you babe! :-) 

And I am so very grateful that we can spend time with and show love to our precious family. What a gift!! So blessed to watch this sweet boy grow up and see his fun, silly personality come out! 

Love these crazy girls!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and that you don't take one minute for grated, but soak up each one and know that each is a gift from God above!

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