Friday, April 5, 2013

getaway with my guy....


A couple weeks ago now Jeff took me on a wonderful little getaway weekend for our eighth anniversary. It was an amazing time spending four days and three nights doing whatever we wanted. Our sweet girl was being well taken care of by her grandparents. So we had no worries. 

The weather was great the first couple days and then it turned cloudy and rainy. But this didn't hurt our plans at all. We were able to go for a hike, have a picnic lunch on the beach, horseback ride on the beach, take a bike ride and just enjoy each others company. Oh and we browsed some great shops, found some treasures to bring home and had some DELICIOUS meals out!!

I would include all our pictures but this post would be a few miles long. :-) so we'll keep it to these. This is a favorite place of ours to visit....

Shopping and eating in this quaint riverside town is always enjoyed. They have great shops and wonderful food!! Still want to try this place out sometime!

Could've gotten lost back in there! :-)  oh and these funny chocolate bars were too cute. Zoom in and read them if you can. Love the emergency one!

The food and wine at the Owl cafe is excellent!

Our last morning at the Inn was lovely. We slept in. Were brought our breakfast which I enjoyed in bed! 


We snapped a couple pictures around the place and a few of the other rooms. Would love to come back here sometime!

Our dream beach house!

Before we left the island we had to do a little shell searching. The day was lovely!

Then it was on the road again. We had fun making some other stops on the way home.

Lunch was amazing!! And we enjoyed watching kids play on the beach and a group of teens playing volleyball.

Had to bring something home for the grandparents. We were so blessed that they took care of our girl! And of course I got something for our home to remember the occasion. :-) 

So grateful for times like these and I pray for many more! So blessed to have the man that I do. I know he is a gift from God and that the Lord picked us out for each other! Praising Him! And love you honey!!! Thanks again for a wonderful time!

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