Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Anyone who knows me well has figured out that I LOVE CRAFTS! So when I find a little time in the day to sit at my new/old craft desk, with the window over it letting in all kinds of lovely light, to make something like these wonderful fabric flowers, I am happy as a queen!

The fabrics above are a project for church that some sweet friends helped with (not the first one though, those are mine!). And these below are mine too!! I did give some as gifts. Been having fun making extra big flowers for me and my sweet girl. 

It's been fun to make this spot special and surround myself with things I love. I found that bird at hobby lobby on sale. The flowers were on clearance at Michael's. And the print outs in the frames are some I found on pinterest and printed out. 

This is my quality control. :-) isn't he so excited about all those wonderful fabrics?! It always makes me smile to look over and see him looking so pitiful. 

Loving my new stacking coffee cups from world market!! Great storage idea and I never drink my coffee fast enough to keep it hot, so the small size is perfect!

I have some other sweet flowers to share on here. They are crocheted and in some fabulous colors!! I will have to show you some pics of this great desk too! And give you details on how I found it! Yes another awesome craigslist find. :-) so come back soon!!

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