Friday, April 19, 2013

outside fun and some berry picking...

This week we were really blessed to enjoy a sweet play date with some wonderful friends. It was bitter sweet in that we were saying goodbye to a dear friend while enjoying her and her precious babe's a little longer.

It was a beautiful day and my sis in law was so sweet to host us all. The kids had fun at the park though the little ones didn't last too long. And my daughter. :-) 

Instead of playing with her friends and cousins she could be found with the babies. Maybe she is practicing for our little one. Either way she was perfectly happy right here. And it blessed my heart. 

And this precious little guy was too sweet to not take a picture of. It is his dear family that is moving away and will be missed so much!!

Then today I felt a sudden desire to go berry picking. Well actually I called to see if they had some already picked that we could just buy but they didn't. So we went anyway. It was very last minute and I knew rain was coming. I really love going here with friends but needed to get out the door.

Hoping to go back soon and would love to have others along. :-) 

My sweet helper.

We picked till our basket was full and then had fun seeing the animals up close. This goose was a little moody.

Karina loved this little lamb.

We had a little fun around the farm until we started feeling rain drops. So we ran to the car just in time. It was a quiet drive home and we spent the afternoon snuggling on the couch watching a movie with a nap to follow. :-) 

Had to get some locally made honey too!

Tonight we had some delicious strawberry shortcake. I froze some berries and we'll eat a bunch fresh! And we'll be ready to go back soon to stock up for summer. 

Hope you all are enjoying sweet springtime things too!