Tuesday, February 5, 2013

my sweetie

A couple weeks ago now my sweet man and I were blessed to go to a very fancy dinner with his new colleagues. It was a wonderful time for us both. He was able to mingle and talk business while I enjoyed getting to know the great people he has the privilege to work with. 

Jeff changed jobs about a month ago now and we couldn't be more grateful for how the Lord has seen him through every detail. Its not easy to leave a job you've worked at for eight years especially when really good friendships were made. But God is showing us daily that he has great plans for us if we will trust in him and lean not on our own understanding. A lesson we learn over and over in this life!

It was a decision made after much prayer and we believe with the Lord's direction. I am very excited to see all He has planned for us going forward. I am so proud of my sweet man and pray every day that God gives him all he needs to do his best so that he can glorify Him in his work.

Of course I am going to mention the food! It was amazing! And I ate all but the last two bites of dessert. :-) just couldn't fit it. So that was last months date night and I am looking forward to this months with my handsome valentine!!

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