Tuesday, February 12, 2013

i love daddy

As you can see this little lady was not wanting to be in a picture for this momma. We had finished school for the day and I suggested writing daddy a secret message on the chalk board to find when he got home. She was happy to do that but when I ran to grab the camera she clammed up on me. Yes the I should be capitalized but it was too precious to change. 

This little lady is amazing me each and every day with what she knows and learns and how crazy fast she is growing! I want time to slow down but then I am so excited about all that is to come.

How mixed our emotions can be as mom's. One minute she is my baby and I am watching her for the millionth time drift off to sleep as she curls up all snug in her bed. The next I am watching her, my big six year old, write and read and add numbers together. 

I am so blessed to be able to be home with her and to be on this journey of learning as her teacher though I fall short. But every day the Lord above grants me the grace and mercy to lead her and guide her in His truths and for His glory. 

And oh how I love how she loves her daddy. God has given them such a sweet and tender relationship that I pray they will have all their lives. I have a little glimpse of that in my next post. So check back soon for a few more posts to bring on the love this valentines week. :-) 


emily said...

SUCH a great job on her cursive!!!! i am so so proud of her!!! and yes, my sentences should be capitalized too...

i LOVE sharing this homeschooling journey with you and karina!

Joyful Toil said...

Aww this is too adorable!! They do tend to clam up at the most picture worthy times, don't they!!

Watching your journey is so encouraging for what is to come for me and my kiddos. Your defintely a blessing and so is sweet Karina!! =)

Wendy said...

I love her handwriting. It looks
wonderful. We're loving homeschooling too. I love watching the connections form in their little minds. I'm so grateful to have this opportunity (most days, wink-wink).