Sunday, February 17, 2013

a precious party for a precious girl

A couple weeks ago I had the joy of helping with the decorating for the birthday of one of my favorite little girls. My sis in law, Emily, was throwing the cutest ice cream party and if you know me I love decorating!! So it was a win win for me. Time with my sis and doing something I love!! So take a look....

How cute are these ice cream cup cakes Emily's mom made!! And two more of my favorite girls getting ready to play a fun game of pin the sprinkles on the ice cream.

Sweet Amelia the birthday girl!

Oh and I had to snap a picture of girl Lego heaven. Well that's what Karina thinks it is. :-) 

Sweet Hallie can't have cake yet so she snacked on this baby doll instead. Just some of the many toppings. Might just have to have our own ice cream party this summer just because. 

Karina enjoying her ice cream with her big for year old cousin. How cute are those bowls and spoons! 

Love this kid and so blessed she is in our lives!!

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