Saturday, January 12, 2013

the gift

Christmas day was wonderful. We slept in and it was lovely! Karina was so excited to see what special things were waiting for her and I soaked up her excitement. As a parent you love to give your children wonderful things. Things you know they will love and enjoy. And as much as we love doing that what is even better is reading to her about THE GIFT given so long ago on a bed of straw, a baby sent, a savior to free us from our sins. 

After reading the Christmas story from the bible and having a little devotion our little lady is ready to dig into those gifts! So I put in a breakfast casserole to bake while we watched her bubble over with joy loving each and everything that we blessed her with. 

When we've eaten something and gotten ready for the day we head over to Jeff's parents house. There is always a warm welcome and fun to be had. It all starts with stockings that Nana packs full of goodies for each and every one of us.

Love this shot of me with my man. He was such a gift to me eight years ago and has been every day since! Love this of the girls scoping out the goods. 

Oh the sweet gift of family!! 

I so enjoyed making these cozy cowls for my mom in law and her mom. Oh and the guys were being silly with their new books Jeff's hard bound and his dad's as audio.

These were the best gift boxes ever. Jeff's mom found รจ and had to have them. Jeff's was pet slippers that you put on your pet for them to mop your floor. His brother's was slippers that play music. The best thing was we all fell for it and really thought that was what was in those boxes!

My sweet sis in law sells scentsy now and when we saw these precious stuffed animals that hold a awesome smelling scent pack we knew the kids had to have one. Karina sleeps with hers every night. 

Oh and these two just love their new little remote control cars. Jeff's mom still appreciates the kid in her grown sons. 

After all that fun the food was calling our names. It was quite the spread and we enjoyed every bit!

Love these cute ornaments Jeff's mom found up in the mountains on our trip with them. Pictures from that soon.

Had to snap a shot of this one that used to be Jeff's when he was little. And what better way to end Christmas day all piled up in a cozy bed watching Christmas movies.  That is until there is a tornado warning and you're all forced into the hallway to sit on the floor and wait it out. 

Yes that is what happened but all was well and we gave hugs and said our good nights. And as we crawled in our beds I thought again how I am one blessed girl! 

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