Sunday, January 6, 2013

getting out or staying in?

Our December was really good but really full. There were times in there to get out as a family and times to stay in and snuggle up. Times to be with family and friends and times to just have quiet peaceful moments on our own. I wouldn't trade any of them but there is a delicate balance in order to keep your head on straight and your heart in the right place. This was one of those quiet peaceful days away from the crowds to just enjoy the beauty of God's creation.

I love to just let the pictures do the talking sometimes. We have a couple great parks close by so we got out to enjoy them. 

After some fun in the chilly weather we loved coming home to some grilled cheese and lentil soup. Oh man I could eat soup every day in the winter. And we have a lot lately. Thinking about making some split pea soup tomorrow. 

I also tried my hand at some salt dough ornaments this year. I love how they turned out and will get on here again and show you how sweet they looked painted.

I was blessed to go out to lunch with some dear friends I don't see much. It was great to catch up and this soup and salad was delicious. Maybe it tasted better then usual because I didn't have to make it. :-) 

We decided to host our own little ugly sweater Christmas party and also have a cookie exchange. The guys opted for ugly t-shirts instead and I thought my dad in law just needed a beard and hat to finish the look! 

Love these gals!!!

This was one Sunday we came home after church to enjoy a hot meal and I whipped one of my man's favorites. Karina looked to sweet matching her little doll so I had to share.

I tried making these wreaths last year and they turned out great so I figured I'd do them again this year. These were some I made up for my dear mom in law. And these next pictures are j and k testing out some of daddy's new toy guns. Men and their toys. Oh boy!

We loved having Karina's cousin c over for a little slumber party. These sweet girls melt my heart. They are only three months apart and I get excited thinking about the friendship they will have as they grow. They thought it was the coolest thing to have a fire while they ate.

So there is a little of what we've been up to the last month or so. I do still have some December fun to post if you can take it. :-) and then some fun trips we were able to take in 2012 that I would love to document and share with you.

So stayed tuned for more!

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