Friday, January 4, 2013

December fun and birthday treats!

My birthday was a great one this year. December is full of fun and parties and each year I am so blessed to spend some precious time with my own little family to celebrate another year of life. This year that included a visit with my sweet girl to the newly opened donut shop down the street. ( Is this a good or bad thing I am still trying to decide?) Anyhow, it was a lot of fun going out for something sweet earlier in the day so that later that night I could spend some quality time with my other sweetie. :-) 

So we dropped k off with j's parents that night and yes we shared some donuts( my cake ) with them. :-)  Then headed out for a fun night. The original plan was to have a double date with my sweet sis and bro in law, but they both weren't feeling well so we planned to go out with them again soon.

My dear mom in law is always so thoughtful when it comes to birthdays and she blessed me with this lovely bag when we walked in. I couldn't wait and opened it in the car. I love these earrings and had my eye on them for awhile. 

This little beauty however was completely my hubby's doing. I never expected this and would leave it to him to surprise me with a techno gadget. :-) He has asked in the past if I would like to have one when using his. But I always said no and that it was to fancy for me. Well as  I sit here typing cozy on my couch with something the size of a book in my hands I can say that I LOVE it!! It does all that I need it to and more. J knows me better then I know myself. I've always been a little slower on the newest and latest technology. But I married the right man and am learning from him slowly but surely.

Our meal was awesome!! Love me some calamari and sangria!!

Me looking like I know how to use it. He he he. And my sweet guy dividing our meal. We always decide to share a meal when we fill up on appetizers and it's perfect every time.

A few days after my birthday a really dear friend of mine has hers. I have been so blessed to be able to share that time with her these last couple of years and it's such a treat. We love a little town by the beach and she loves to go there to celebrate. So that is just what we did. K enjoyed some time with a little friend of hers so I could spend some with mine. On my way there to meet her for some shopping and lunch I snapped a few pictures.

Oh sweet Mara your friendship means so much to me!! Thank you again for wanting me to come along that day!!

And I could have sat all day on that beach even though it was really cold. Love the beach in the winter being all bundled up with a hot cup of coffee. OK so it would be even better to enjoy it from inside one of the very quaint beach houses there on the water. Maybe one year.

These red chairs made me want to go home and paint something red. Don't be surprised if I do and blog about it here!

We enjoyed a delicious lunch and after saying happy birthday one more time we packed up our goodies and I headed home while she stayed with her family for some more fun.

Saw these berries on the way home and had to pull over for a picture or two. And when I got back to pick k up this is what I found. She and her sweet friend m are two peas in a pod. I love knowing she has just as much fun as I do when they can play together.

So it was a great time had by all. Thank you again Heather for watching my little lady! And thank you Lord for another very blessed year!

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