Saturday, January 12, 2013

christmas eve

Our Christmas Eve was blessed and shared with my family. I love our traditions and that my kids will remember these times for years to come. I had fun making these photos look vintage and think it just adds to the charm of the evening. 

When we arrived mom had a gift for each kid. So we all sat and watched their excitement as they tore the paper to find what was inside. 

They all got to work on a masterpiece. Little Noah got a head start. :-)  I loved growing up with these and remember long road trips and contests of who could make the best drawing on their etch a sketch.

Even the adults had a little sketching fun. Then it was time to eat a wonderful breakfast dinner. Mom really puts on this amazing spread that we contribute to. After dinner all the kids pile in the hallway to be decked out in their costumes for our nativity play we do each year. 

This year Karina had asked to be Mary. So that was the plan. Well when everyone started getting dressed up she started crying and said she didn't want to and would rather be a shepherd. So after a little talk we made the change. 

Thinking about it now I think she was a bit insecure with the role of Mary and wanted instead to play someone that her cousins were gonna be to. I know this might be a stretch but can you imagine being Mary? Of course Karina wasn't thinking about the deep thoughts that come to me when wondering what Mary must have felt being the mother of Jesus. But it blessed me just as much watching my sweet girl as a humble shepherd and that itself was a lesson to my proud and sinful heart. For Christ to show himself to such a humble and meager group humbles me and drives me to worship Him.

We finished the night watching a fun Christmas show and then went home to snuggle in or beds. But the picture of their sweet little faces acting out our saviors birth will stay with me until next year when we do it all again. Only they will be older and understand even more what God did in sending his Son to this earth to live and then die in our place for our sins. 

May that be ever in our minds and hearts every day, all year long!

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