Saturday, January 12, 2013

carols and cookies

I know it is time to move on to things not Christmassy. But I have a few more things I would like to post on here so that I can look back and enjoy a sweet reminder. For awhile now we have enjoyed a really fun night with my family going caroling and decorating gingerbread cookies. It really is great fun to see the kids getting in the spirit and singing their little hearts out.

 We meet at my sisters house and all pile into the back of my dad's 66 Chevy truck and then drive around the neighborhood "blessing" everyone with song after song. Then we head off to mom's where dad puts a fire in the fireplace and mom has lots of yummy snacks. She also has lots of gingerbread cookies ready for decorating. So the moms and kids sit around the table for a good long while putting our own little touches on each and every sweet cookie. Yes the guys can be found lounging in the living room. 

Told ya there were yummy snacks! How cute is my dad with his old truck?! I used to drive that thing and it's a beast!

Let the creativity begin! Just look and see what these sweet kids created!

These are my own creations and yes I was nuts enough to sit and lay each sprinkle just right on that stocking so that it would look knitted. And the precious plate was a gift to my mom from my sister and her kids. So cute!!! Oh and I had some fun making this play dough for all the kids to take home with them. It was a great night!

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