Sunday, January 13, 2013

callaway gardens part 1

A few months ago now we went on a really fun road trip to Callaway Gardens with Jeff's side of the family. We have not gone on a family trip all together like this until now so it's a very big deal and really special too! 

When Nana and Pappy said they would be happy to take all the grandkids in their car we did not hesitate to say yes! So that meant a good long drive for me, Jeff and his brother and sis in law. A quiet car, well of course we chatted away, but without the sound of fussing about how long it was taking or being hungry and tired. Woohoo!! Really though they said the kids did great.

The time flew and the drive was beautiful. 

After getting a bit turned around trying to find our cabin we got all settled in. And were we ready for a fun next four days. Jeff's parents paid for everything and it was such a blessing. His mom has always wanted to come and see the Fantasy in Lights. She also had a few other really neat things planned to do.

This was our cozy room and each morning I spent a little time just enjoying the quiet. And then went down stairs for some delicious breakfast. The first day we had lunch at the country store that was adorable. This was the lovely view across the street. 

We had fun visiting an old log cabin and seeing a little bit of history. The kids loved it and Karina and I were able to see some things similar to our little house book we've been reading in school. 

Since we were getting excited about Christmas we thought it might be fun to put up a tree. The kids were ready and willing to help out. 

Then it was movie time. The girls bought these fun little notebooks and really enjoyed drawing in them together.

In the mornings after a nice breakfast it was sweet to see Jeff's dad relaxing outside on the back patio. He even found some precious company one morning.

Love this cutie pie and am so happy to be her auntie. Also loved making her that little hat.

This handsome man even squeezed a little working in. While I sat back and enjoyed my coffee. 

While we were there we had fun going to a butterfly conservatory. It was beautiful! The girls weren't sure what to think when the butterfly we saw first was flying close by. But they warmed up quickly and loved searching for the next winged beauty. 

How precious is this of my darling niece. This was such a  pretty place. And the kids loved exploring.

Think this was my favorite!! 

Loved watching my little lady.

The gift shop was full of butterflies too. And other lovely things. We all had fun shopping!

These sweet girls found just what they wanted. Karina loves her bug kit and Caroline was very happy with her fancy ring and pretty journal. Oh and Amelia was tickled with her ring.

My sis in law found this great safari for us to visit so we took some time one day to check it out. It was awesome! The animals were not shy and came right up to the van. Karina was a little worried at first but then thought it was fun to feed them.

This little one looked too sweet sitting pretty while we waited for Jeff to get the keys for the van we would use. Cause we weren't about to drive or own cars in there.

This cutie bought the feed and offered to be our tour guide. 

And here we go!!!!

This guy was quick to say cheese for the camera. Or is it that he thought the camera looked tasty?

Isn't this one a beauty! Those antlers were awesome!

These two deer were just lovely with all their spots. And the giraffe ahead was ready for a snack for sure. I didn't include the slobber he had hanging from his mouth. Trust me it was gross! 

These two crack me up in this picture. Especially Karina with her two toned skin. They also had a small zoo attached to the safari and it was fun to see all the animals there to. 

Nana even got in on the animal fun!

When we left everyone was really really ready for lunch so we headed to a great little BBQ place up the road.

Then it was home to relax again. We were all about the relaxing! The fireplace was so inviting and we all just enjoyed hanging out as a family. It was sweet times. 

And next up is the lights and some great shopping! So check back soon!! And doesn't that last picture just look like home with the lovely mess and all? Actually that's pretty picked up. :-) 

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