Thursday, December 13, 2012

wonderful christmas time

I know that anyone who is still reading my little blog here is ready for some new updates and pictures. But since it's late and I need to get pictures from our other computer onto my laptop a little reminiscing will have to do. Can't believe this was a couple years back now. It really is fun to see how much our little lady has grown. What a gift she is to us! 

Would love to recreate this little photo shoot again this year!

Love Christmas memories like this one!

Oh and can I say I need to make more of this soup! Like yesterday!!

Love making hats for little ones like this one.

And hand knit gifts like these. I have knitted some gifts this year that I will have to post.

Oh the excitement!

LOVE knitting by the fireplace!!

And seeing my two loves like this!

We love us some hot chocolate! ok and we like braids too. :)

Yes it's more soup I need to make. :)

And nothing beats mom's gingerbread cookies.

And all the fun they are to decorate with family.

Love my parents house all decorated!

And I love going out with this wonderful man on cold nights to see the lights and have a good time. My birthday is right around the corner and I am looking forward to doing just that. Oh we'll take in a movie after having a nice dinner somewhere, but just being with him and taking a walk while holding his hand does more for me then a dozen dinners or movies or gifts. So blessed to have him and call him mine!!!

Praying that you are having a wonderful Christmas time! If any of my sweet friends out there still read my blog leave a comment and let me know. Would love to hear from you and have a good reason to keep this little space up. I know I have been awful about it, but would be more motivated if I knew it blessed you! Will try to be on again soon with pics and news that is up to date. Till then......


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