Saturday, May 28, 2011

camping with daddy

A couple weeks ago now Jeff came home after work and talked about wanting to take Karina camping in the back yard. My heart melted that he would think about doing something like that and I immediately started thinking about how I could help make it be a really fun night for them. But he didn't need my help. As we talked he had it all planned out in his head. From dinner being grilled out to what books he'd like to read to her in the tent later that night.

So I let him plan and do it all and it was wonderful! He started by letting her put up the tent with him. Oh and I will insert here that the night they camped it was a beautiful 50 degrees outside. Yeah don't think the idea would have been that exciting to him had it been any warmer.

She was so excited she couldn't see straight

She also had to test the comfort of the sleeping bag out and notice how she already had put something in the little netted pouch on the side there.

After getting the fire pit all ready for our campfire Jeff grilled a fabulous dinner and we ate outside as the sun began to set.

Daddy and daughter enjoying a beer while grilling. J/K it was cream soda, but she knew it was still special!

Enjoying all the yummy food!!

Oh and after dinner she had to show me her pocket knife. She had no doubt seen daddy's and wanted to be like him. So she found her little plastic one and went right on pretending. Here she is explaining how sharp it is. :) I love it!

Then we enjoyed a beautiful bike ride in the cool of the day. And while we rode Karina could not stop thinking about the s'mores we were going to roast up once we got home. So it wasn't a very long ride.

I had a few sparklers left over from new years I think and so she had some fun with those. And then it was time for desert!!!

Karina and mommy couldn't wait to eat a piece of chocolate so we snacked while the fire died down a bit.

Jeff even got the crazy idea to take little bit on a wheel barrel ride around the yard to help her be patient. It was pretty funny. I thought it was cute that he said it was like a hayride. Only he didn't have hay or a wagon. But they both have great imaginations!

Then the roasting began!

And if you have never tried making s'mores with Reese's cups you don't know what you're missing! I had never had one or even thought of it before some of my friends said to try it and so we did. AMAZING!

Once we were all filled up with those delicious treats Karina and her daddy headed inside to change into p.j.'s and brush teeth. The day before we had been to the library and checked out this book. So that worked out perfectly for them to read on this night. The book is a funny story about a guy and his dog that go camping and everything goes wrong. So they end up back at home in the back yard camping there and having a great time. :)

After saying goodnight to my two sweeties I headed inside and had a little getaway of my own. I grabbed some snacks and my knitting and got cozy on the couch to watch a movie. I stayed up way too late and paid for it the next day. But I think we all enjoyed ourselves and will surely try it again. Maybe I will even camp with them next time. But I am so very blessed that Karina has a daddy that thinks of wonderful things like that to do with her. She is One Blessed Girl indeed!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

furniture makeover

A couple months ago now we picked up this funky looking piece of furniture in hopes that it would serve a very useful purpose. It not only is serving it's purpose, and quite nicely I must say(I am really enjoying the extra storage), but it is also quite a statement in it's own right.

It is really different to say the least and I think that is why we were both drawn to it. All we needed was a simple dresser to act as a buffet. Our style or styles I should say are a little bit of everything. Of course if CHEAP could be a style that would be the first. :) But I think if I had to describe the kinds of things that I like it would be: traditional, vintage and a little bit modern. So bringing this piece into our home was a fun way to add to our mix/matched collection.

We found it on Craigslist with the help of my sister and sis in law. And paid only $75 for it which to me was a steal being that it was solid wood. I also found another just like it only painted a different color selling on some collectors site for $900 as a set with another dresser and mirror.

It wasn't really the color wood I was looking for and had thought I might go ahead and paint whatever we found anyway to tie it into where it was going. So I got right to work sanding, priming and painting it. It was a job, but not too big. I actually was able to sand it in a few hours. Prime it the same day and paint it the next.

I really like the detail on the drawers. I think it adds a lot to the charm and character. And you'll notice in the following pictures that I had my little helper outside with me giving her expert painting advice while I worked. Of course she needed to have something to paint too. So we pulled out some of her little wooden projects she made at Lowe's and she was good to go.

I was really hoping to have it done in time for our Easter lunch we were hosting for our family. And it was. We had actually moved our dining room table into another room better suited for it. And this filled the space that was left and also added the storage I was wanting. SO it all worked out rather nice.

As you can see it ties in with our big black fridge (to the right of the dresser) which is visible as soon as you come into our home. But with the dresser there now your eye has something else to catch it. So we are happy and thankful that it didn't take long to find or a ton of money.

I am still trying to decide if we will ever change out the leaf like handles. And maybe one day we will. But for now I like how it sets it apart from any other piece of furniture I've seen. And with them being black too they don't really stand out too much in the natural light. So I will take the funky over the common and enjoy it's differences.

I know it's not a piece for everyone and some will love it and some won't. But it makes me smile and think about how we are all so different in our own way. How God must love making us all so wonderfully unique. He is the true artist and designer!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

oh my!

Oh my is right! Not sure what we are in for here. Hope you are all having a great week and that you have an even more wonderful weekend. We have had lots of fun this week that I will share later. But soon to come a little furniture makeover. So come back soon!

Oh and this little girl couldn't be more proud of her big cousin Natalie. She really liked the trophy too as you can see. I'm sure she is dreaming of the day when she can earn one of those for her very own.

Monday, May 9, 2011

a very happy mother's day weekend

Our Mother's Day weekend was a lovely one. We started it out with a great day at home on Saturday swimming in the pool. Ending that day with a beautiful bike ride before dinner. The weather was perfect. And we enjoyed every minute. We even found some fish to feed in a little creek close by. Karina is still taking the easy road in the bike seat, but soon will have to do it on her own little two wheeler. Needing to work on her riding without training wheels first. I know if we just practice she'll pick it up pretty quick.

Then it was time to head home and fix a quick and easy but oh so yummy dinner of baked fish and corn on the cob. Can I just say I LOVE FRESH CORN!!!

Oh and if you've never had fish with fresh mango and cilantro salsa you don't know what you're missing. I mean to tell ya! It kicks it up more then a notch. BAM!! BAM!

On Sunday after church we cruised on over to my mom and dad's house for some good ol' relaxin' with the fam and a delicious grilled meal. My dad is a true grill master and mom is the epitome of hospitality. The two of them truly are amazing!! Thank you Lord for such awesome parents!

It's also nice to see my man kicking back and enjoying himself. I adore this guy.

The kids had a little fun too. They played while food was cooking. Took a break to eat. And then played some more. Lunch was really really good and you would think if you knew me well that I would've taken a picture of my plate. But I didn't. Guess I was hungry enough to forget all about that.

Oh how my mom's little garden inspires me. I promise myself that one day I will grow a little garden of my own.

Can you tell this little man enjoyed his lunch?

Oh did the kids have fun with this!

The mom's sat in the shade on the porch taking in the beautiful day and watching the kids have a blast. What is better then that!?

It was such a wonderful time and I can't even begin to thank God enough for my mom and the beauty she brings to my life as well as my precious mother in law. They are an amazing example to me of what a godly mother should be and so much more. SO thank you again mom and mom for all you are and all you do. And to all my sweet mommy friends and my precious sister and sister in laws thank you for your love and encouragement as fellow mother's trying our best to be all God wants us to be. I love you!

And thank you Lord for the beautiful gift of my little girl. She is all I ever wanted and more. And though being a mommy is REALLY hard work sometimes I love it and praise you for the joy it brings.