Saturday, March 26, 2011


I have been a bad blogger lately. I just haven't wanted to sit here and type anything and I am still in that funk. So I will share a few pictures of things I've had fun making and hope to be back soon with more of a desire to write and give you a better peek at what's been happening around here. Nothing huge or exciting, but simple joys of the everyday.

The hats above are some I made for a special order as a gift for twins. The flowers below are some I've really enjoyed making and am so ready to sit one night and make many more. I would love to get a whole bunch done to sell in the shop and maybe that will happen this next week. We'll see. Hope you're having lovely weather like we are and that you're able to get out and about to enjoy the beauty of it all. Nothing can top God's designs that's for sure!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


We are celebrating our 6 year anniversary today!! We went out on a wonderful date last night and stayed out pretty late. Nana and Pappy had our little lady over for the night and we took advantage of that. :) It was great! And sleeping in this morning was part of that being great too!
I could sit and write a REALLY long post here about how amazing my guy is and how blessed I am to have him in my life. I could write about how much he completes me and all the Lord has taught and continues to teach me through him. But I am going to keep it short. Cause I am ready to enjoy this day with him. So maybe that post will come later.
Hope you all are enjoying this gorgeous day we've been given. And that no matter the occasion you can celebrate all the blessings God gives us every day!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Just a few things we've been enjoying as we look forward to Spring! More spring lovelies to come...

Hope you are enjoying some lovely Spring like weather too!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


What a contrast today is from this gorgeous beach day we had last week. As I type the rain is coming down in sheets outside my window. I do love days like this too when I can snuggle up in my big bed with my little girl and take a nice long nap. Waking just a little before her to lay there and stare at her. Taking in all the loveliness of her littleness and relish the perfect contented look on her face. All of this while she is not whining and asking for things of course. :)

So I do love these days, but man, when these beach days draw near and my sis in law and I get in our heads that it's about time to head to the sand and sea I can say there is nothing better than digging my toes into the soft white sand and just being near the water. God knew how peaceful and relaxing great bodies of water would be to us. Even if you live near a beautiful lake it can still give you that sense of awe and reverence. No wonder Jesus spent so much time by the water. But of course He is the creator of it all! And because of that I think He enjoys when we enjoy it. And so we will!

How cute is this little thing in her new PINK beach chair!

This one knows how to enjoy the beach all right. Though I think I need to gradually work up to our last summer routine of staying for hours at a time. She was pretty worn out after only an hour or so on this day. It was quite windy though and the water was too cold to get in and swim. So I'm sure when that changes she will be begging me to stay.

Karina sure loves playing with her cousins. These two are only a few months apart and are so sweet to watch together. I love that Karina has some girl cousins so close in age to her that they almost seem like sisters.

I had a good time with the castle bucket Em brought back from Disney for us. While I was at it I made quite a few with Em's help so that we could sit back and relax while these little people went to work. :)

Then it was off to hunt for treasure! The treasure was pretty easy to find since it looked like someone had conveniently dumped their bucket of shells right here for us. I'm guessing that is a one-of-a-kind shell cake?

And then the real treasure of the day, at least you would have thought it was with how excited the kids got. PUSH POPS!! And they even came in a golden wrapper. Ok so it was yellow. And for being the ice cream that seems the logical choice when you don't want to wear what you are eating I will say they are still quite messy. Never the less they enjoyed them and I had one too.

This picture makes me laugh if you will notice the way Karina is using her legs as a bookshelf when there is a table right behind her and a bench beside. Oh the things kids do. Anyway, it was a really nice day, not only to enjoy the beauty of our surroundings but also the sweet friendship of cousins and my lovely sis in law. We are so blessed and I pray for many more beautiful beach days ahead.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

gettin' out

Ever have those days where you just wanna get out? You're not sure where and you don't really have a reason why. You just do! Well last weekend I had one of those days. So we went. And not really with any firm plan but it ended up being a wonderful time out together and we even got a little unexpected beach time in.

We took the dog. Now that could really be fun or a BIG mistake. On this day it was really fun. We enjoyed a beautiful little nature walk, had our picnic lunch on a beach that allowed dogs and then I even got to enjoy a little alone time shopping a bit. So here it is in pictures and I''ll just let you enjoy....

Today I headed back to the beach with my sis in law and we had relaxing time visiting while the kids enjoyed playing. The water was still a little cold for swimming, but we had a nice time none the less. I will be ready to go back soon.