Thursday, January 27, 2011

1st birthday

Yes I am still reminiscing. This is also a picture I put in her baby book. I only included pictures from her first year up to her birthday. Looking at this I am finding it so hard to believe she will be five this year!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

my baby

I've been having a really good time working on a little baby book for my sweet girl. This is one of the pictures I had to include. That little toothy grin just kills me. She can always make me smile and I love her so!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


We haven't been getting any snow 'round here, but that doesn't mean we can't pretend right? I love these cookies and they were always a favorite at my Nana's house. So when Christmas passed us by and I still hadn't made them something was missing. So Karina and I pulled out the stuff we needed and got to work. Did you know you need a princess dress on to make these? That's my little snow queen! But she did a quick change into her tutu. Guess she didn't want to mess up her queenly garb. :)

taste testing

ready to pop in the oven. see my makeshift snowflakes in the window?

sing with me! frosty the snowman.....

lovin' that girl in the tutu!

mommy and her girl having us a sweet time!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


In an effort to organize everything a little better in our house Jeff went out one night and brought back just a few more bins for storing things. Ok so it was more then a few and I kinda thought it was funny that now we need storage space for the bins themselves. HA! But I'm sure they will get used at some point. He did kinda remind me of my dad for a second who always buys 10-20 more of the same thing then he actually needs just in case.

Well as you can see Karina found a way better use for them then just boring ol' storage. It made the perfect little/big house for her to play in. That only lasted a night because mommy wanted her living room back the next day. Karina was a little disappointed when she woke up but I know what to do now on a rainy day when she gets bored. :)

gift cards

I've been loving me some gift cards lately. Jeff's mom and dad were so sweet to bless me with one for Starbucks and another for Kohl's. So I had some fun out one day and just browsed by myself and turned up with some great finds! And that peppermint frappuccino couldn't have been yummier!


After getting our new TV on good ol' black Friday last year I decided that my collage of small frames wasn't gonna cut it anymore behind the TV. So I grabbed some inexpensive 8 by 10 frames to add in and then went about trying to arrange them (on the floor first) in a fun but not symmetrical design. It took a little while but once I was happy with it I took some paper and cut a piece the same size as each frame and marked them with a small hole where each nail would need to be . Then taped them up on the wall just to make sure that is what I wanted before committing to it with holes in the wall. :) Once that was done I went ahead and hammered in the nails where the holes in the paper were, tore down the paper and hung the frames.

It really did make such a big difference and was pretty easy too. I was one of those wives that was all worried when the size TV in my husbands ideas got bigger and bigger then what I wanted for our living room. But it all worked out when he settled for a little smaller and I for a little bigger. Any bigger would have been too big but I think the frames above it now take your eyes off the big black screen.

We have lots of fun taking pictures and both enjoy getting out into nature and bringing some of God's beauty through pictures indoors to enjoy. So if you are nervous about hanging a bunch of frames up at once try this method. I saw it somewhere but don't remember where exactly. You might have already seen it and if so I'm glad. It really works!

I was reading a blog the other day about how it's nice to rearrange things after Christmas while still in the cold months. It refreshes things just enough and can even warm things up a bit. I am the kind of person who can have the same things around for quite a while and it not bother me one bit. But lately I have enjoyed moving things around and giving them a little face lift here and there. The gals blog that I was reading even said go shopping in your own house. I thought that was a clever idea! Happy snuggling in your own cozy home on these chilly winter days!

under $10

Don't ya just love getting a great deal?! I went to a great little thrift store the other day and picked up all these things for a total that was under $10!! If you've ever been thrift shopping you know that you can sometimes find so much and sometimes there is nothing.

Karina just loves this ice cream playdough set and has been playing with it a lot since we brought it home. We have the cake set too and I know we will have fun with both together especially when friends are over.

While I was there I didn't feel like I was getting much but once I got it home. And looked at it again I realized I hadn't done too bad. I had no idea how these shorts would fit but it turned out they were perfect. And the wallet will replace mine that is getting kinda shabby and also matches a purse I use a lot.

This cute dress and handbag I love. I will probably wear the dress as a bathing suit cover or with a tank and some fun sandals. I'm thinking pink maybe. :)

And this other stuff is going as gifts to some precious little girls I know. We also found a fun little game and it had all the pieces too!

It is so much fun to find things like this for around $1 each as apposed to what they could have been. SO I will keep on hunting and hoping to find some treasures here and there. :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011


We are enjoying some gorgeous weather in January and we made good use of it today. We all headed to the park including the dog and had a lovely time. I feel like we have been way too sun deprived lately and our skin tones are showing it. I might just have to make a trip to the beach this month for some play time in the sand. That's all my little lady wanted to do today and kept asking for a shovel that I didn't have.

Soon though we will be keeping sand toys in our car all the time for those regular beach trips. But I guess I need to bring one now for times like this. She would have been content in that sand for a mighty long time if I would have let her. And I could have planted myself there for the day just watching her.

I just love the way the sun looks coming through the branches of a tree. And just looky hear someone stamped this bench just for me. K is for Kristie right?

And there she is my happy little beach babe!

Isn't it so much fun seeing your kids have a great time!

The water was so peaceful and this shot of the sand served as a reminder to me of how my Lord's thoughts toward me are as many as the sand by the sea. Psalm 139:17,18. He gave us this lovely day and to Him I am truly grateful!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

new year's eve

We were some of the crazy people that went out on New Year's Eve. We enjoyed a nice dinner out with Jeff's family at a fun burger place and then let the kids have some fun on some great rides that aren't too far from where we live in a really nice shopping area. It was crazy! But fun too and knowing that would go home to coffee and snacks made it even more enjoyable. We weren't out there for too long, but when I asked the kids who wanted to go home and have ice cream and do sparklers they all said MEEEEEE and jumped up and down.

SO here is some of our fun that night out and about....

The girls going up up and away!

They even had fireworks early for the kiddos.

Ethan got his plane ride in too and Amelia loved riding that carousel and waving to us when she and her mommy went by.

I love this shot of Nana, Pappy and the grandkids! So glad we could share that night with them.

Oh and this ball that Karina is pointing at was supposed to drop early too to go along with the early fireworks for the kids. It never did while we were there and we weren't waiting around for it.

So we headed home and on the way Nana decided that we could all do with some yummy donuts. So we stopped there really quick and went home to make some coffee to go with them.

The kids enjoyed some ice cream while we ate the donuts and then it was outside to have fun with the sparklers! It was really nice to go out into sixty-seventy degree temps for that too!

You can see my sad attempt at making some cute hats for the kids to wear. When we got home I printed out a quick pattern for party hats and wrote Happy New Year on them. Better then nothing!

Amelia wasn't so sure about the sparklers this year but I bet by the 4th of July she'll want her own to hold.

After the kids had their fun we got them all cozy in their pj's and tucked them into bed. Then it was time to kick back and relax while watching the crazy people out in times square. That is one place I would NOT want to be on New Year's Eve. The guys had some fun with the Wii and it was just nice to enjoy that time together.

As we were trying to capture a picture of us all together this one came out kinda funny. I know what I will be getting Jeff for his birthday this year. A camera remote!

Hope ya'll had a wonderful New Year's too and that this year is full of great blessing for you and yours!!