Tuesday, October 18, 2011

a taste of fall


We were out and about one day last week and stopped by this great fresh produce market. I just loved all the different shapes and colors of the pumpkins.







I am seeing a trip back over there for some of these lovely butternut squash to make a yummy pot of soup with! Oh and Karina made a new little friend, but not the human kind. :) Meet Elvis....




For some it might be a little strange to jump from iguana's to coffee and sweets, but I'll take that risk. They do have something in common though. Can you guess? Well one makes my little girl happy and the other makes me happy. :) So there you go!


A precious friend of mine came over for a little girl night last week and she brought me a little taste of Christmas. We watched an old movie, had a yummy dinner and with our dessert had some sweet fellowship!


Yes I know I need to ease up on the sweets. But these awesome apples just scream fall! Oh and I shared so don't you worry about me. :)

Another little bit of fall fun we've had is in our home schooling lately. There are some (most) days that I don't go out of my way to do a craft as part of school, but this one just fit. I pulled out the paper for us to practice triangles and hexagon's and before I knew it we had made something that looked kinda like a pumpkin. So we added the face and stem, leaves and vine and there he was. Hexy the hexagon pumpkin. My little pumpkin thought it would be so funny to put his eyes on this way. I love it when she is silly.



We are very excited about going to a farm next week. So I will be on here to share that with you. Well it's a lovely rainy day and we need to start school here soon. So hope you all have a great week!!

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