Friday, August 26, 2011

karina's birthday party (part 2) / the sleepover


Well I couldn't just leave you hanging and not post about "the rest of the party". So here is a peek into our fun after everyone else left that night. We thought a little card game would be fun and so I pulled out a really cute Fancy Nancy game I found at the store. Each card has adorable dress up items on it and you have to get one of each kind to win. It ended up being a great game to play with little girls their age because it didn't take too long. I am all for teaching kids patience, but this one didn't try mine and that was a good thing. Ok I guess I really need the lesson in patience. :)



Karina's not-so-slick poker face. Even though she did win!


She moved on to other things. As you can see we need to work on sharing too. This looks like she was saying "mine!" But that secretly made me happy since this was our gift to her. Don't get me wrong. I made her share. :)


Now I would say Caroline gets the prize for poker face. She's the smooth gal in the nightgown.


Other toys were played with for a bit and then it was time to get the girlies all cozy and put on a movie. So we filled the living room with sleeping bags and they were happy as could be.



The next morning I pulled out some cinnamon rolls (already made) for the girls. And of course we milked the birthday for all it's worth around here and sang to Karina again. :)




Not sure what's up with that face she made. She can be a real nut! After they ate it was time for the real breakfast I was looking forward to. :)




Once those little ladies were fed they were ready to head out into the pool. It was a beautiful morning and it was fun watching them have a good time.



A couple of Karina's girl cousins weren't able to make it to the party because of being sick. But we had something very special to send home for them. Karina and I had a blast packing up these sweet gift baskets for all the girls. They had little handmade stuffed teddy bears, stickers, glow bracelets, handmade sleeping masks and a bunch of other fun things.






It really was a blast and I even got in some sweet time with my sister and sister in law too. I think it went really well for our first big sleepover and I will say I am not afraid to do it again. :) But we'll probably wait a little while.

I wanted to include some pics I took the morning of her actual birthday too. We had a fun time just spending the day together. She recieved a bunch of really sweet birthday phone calls. This was the first one of the day. It was such a blessing to see her being so loved!



My big 5 year old!!

That morning I told her we could go to the store and she could have $5 to get anything she wanted. This dollar store is just down the street from us and so that was an easy choice with not too many isles of toys to choose from. At this age I am noticing that she has a really hard time making up her mind. Oh boy what am I in for?! And then we decided on McDonalds for lunch. Well her lunch at least. Mommy just got something to hold me over. :)












As we were leaving a worker there walked up and handed Karina this little ice cream cone so she was quite spoiled. Once we got home I really enjoyed playing with her. Something I don't do near enough. We read this sweet little book about a birthday party and as you can see her barbies were all quite attentive. I should take a lesson from them in posture!



It was a very sweet day with our precious girl and the fun didn't end there. Once we woke up from naps it was time to go out to eat with Nana and Pappy. Karina picked IHOP. That is another whole post, but not sure I wanna devote more time to that when I have lots of other post in my head.

Jeff's birthday is nine days after Karina's and this was his 30th. I feel kinda bad that I didn't throw him a big bash. But in truth he's not the big bash kinda guy. I mean he could be and maybe would have like it as a suprise. But this mommy wasn't up for it. So he was content to go on a romantic date with me while Karina had another slumber party at her grandparents house. So that is next. We had a wonderful time out and I am so thankful for the two of them and still can't believe God has seen fit to bless me this much. Being Jeff's wife and Karina's mommy is truly a dream come true!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Karina's birthday party (part 1)


I really had a lot of fun getting ready for my little lady's birthday this year. And hearing all her ooooh's and aaaaah's while I set up made it even more wonderful. She really is at an age where she appreciate's things so much more. This to me was kinda a big birthday for her. I don't know what it is about 5 that just sounds so much older. It's like she is graduating into little girlhood instead of seeming like a toddler so much. And though I know I will miss all the littleness we leave behind I can't begin to tell you how VERY excited I am for all that lies ahead.

But I will quit my going on and on and get to the party! I am loving these pompom's lately. It is such a simple and easy decoration. Oh and they are cheap too! But they pack a big punch of color.




I love decorating with jelly beans too. Such a great instant touch of color as well. And here is the cake. What? You can't see the cake you say? Well that's because I put a ton of stuff on top. :) I know it's not your normal practice to make a cake and then cover it with material. But this was a little more simple to do then try and make THE cake a sleeping bag. After all her party was a sleep over. So the cake was created to look like a shag rug in a room. And funny enough the material I used for the reusable sleeping bag and curtains in the back drop is the same fabric as Karina's curtians in her room!



We all enjoyed a yummy pizza dinner before pulling out the cake. I like looking at this next picture because I didn't realize how shiny and clean the floor was before. Is that a reflection I see? It's not always like that. :)



This game is something I found on Martha Stewarts site and I thought it was too cute. The kids had a great time playing it and I would include all those pictures but there are many. The dress Karina is wearing is a sweet little pillow case dress. Pillow/ sleep over. You see the connection. :)

I bought it on etsy and was tickled it had a little doll dress too for her to use on her dolls.



After playing the game I told the kids that they all played so well that everyone was getting a prize. They loved that idea. And my mom gave me the idea of buying different colored pencils and erasers to pass out since I didn't want candy or junky little toys. I was suprised they all thought that was cool and it was perfect with school starting.

Karina's room always takes a good beating when we have everyone over and I am so ok with that since they have a great time. It's not that big of a room so it's easy to make what looks like a huge mess. No it wasn't all this sweet little guy. :)



It was really sweet seeing her face in these shots afterwards and to know that she really had a great time. What a blessing she is to her daddy and me.







And then it was on to presents. Like I said before she was so appreciative of all her gifts and we thought it was pretty funny that almost every thing she opened she would say," Is this what I've always ever wanted?"




This little man was so stinkin' excited too! It was fun watching him get so tickled.



Ok so all the cousins were excited to see the gifts. You can see my little lady is starting to get tired here. Love this next shot that Aunt Em captured of her sweet little feet. A BIG FAT thank you to Aunt Em again for taking most of the pictures this night!!!


Ok so if I am going to be perfectly honest I was hoping for a really excited face when she opened our gift. After all I had bought it months and months before and was really proud of myself for waiting to give it to her. And I guess she had run out of her suprised look even though she did have a excited reaction to the p.j.'s i picked up for her the day before.


But she really put on the fake smile for this one. It's amazing how you still love their smile even if it's fake. But I will tell you that after the party was over this is something she played with A LOT. I knew she would. But there were a lot of other really cool things keeping her attention that night.




And for the grand finale (now that's a real smile!) she got a printed out note from Nana and Pappy that can remind her that she will be taking a trip to Disney in the near future and she couldn't be more excited. A bunch of her cousin's have been and she has heard so much about how fun it is. So we are really excited for her to have that experience with her precious grandparents. Thanks again Mom and Dad for wanting to do that for her!

It was a lovely night with all our family and we couldn't ask for more. Our precious little lady is growing up and we trust the Lord with all the wonderful blessings and fun times that are ahead and spending them with her!!

Next up "the rest of the night" sleep over part of the party!