Saturday, July 9, 2011

my cousin maddy


This last week we had the great blessing of having my wonderful cousin Madison come for a visit. She was able to spend about two weeks here and we enjoyed our time with her so much. She even graced us with her sweet company a few nights in a row at our house. The rest she spent at my mom's.

I can't say enough good things about this beautiful gal. She has a grace about her even at thirteen years old. We celebrated her birthday while she was here with a really fun girl night at my mom's. She is so creative, has a great sense of humor and she loves the Lord. We loved talking about a little bit of everything and even got to spend a little time out just us! She and I went to a fun movie while Karina played at my mom's with her cousins. Thanks again mom!

And of course we went to the beach. A couple times actually and loved it. God blessed us with some beautiful weather too. I am so blessed to know her and have her as family and I hope we get to spend more great times together in the future. Love you Maddy! Thanks for wanting to hang out with us. I loved the movie nights, flower making, beach trips and just being with you! And Karina did too!!





Yes, I still think it's fun to build sand castles. Everything captures my attention at the beach. The waves rolling up on the sand...



If you look closely at the picture above you'll see a little dark speck in the left top that was a dolphin fin. A momma and her baby swam by a few times giving us a little show as they jumped through the water.

I love watching the birds too. Yes, I know they can be annoying especially when they are being fed by beach goers. But they also look pretty neat too.




I love the sky....


I love the bright colors...



I love the shells that no matter how many times we go to the beach always seem like a treasure to collect and admire....




And I LOVE watching these little people admire and explore to their hearts content. We also enjoyed seeing the parasailors go up up and away.





It was a busy day there but not too busy. I feel so blessed that we can come to a place like this and enjoy God's amazing creation. It puts me in awe everytime.

And then I am quickly taken to a state of silliness as my little lady does this....




So there you have it another amazing day at the beach! And that's all folks!


nancygrayce said...

Madison has grown up so much since I've seen her! Glad you all had a good time and those are some beautiful pictures!

Aunt Dottie said...

Kristi, thanks for sharing...You are so good with words and what a nice Blogspot you have...God Bless You all and ohhh, that Karina is just a beautiful little girl. I love it that you call her your little lady...