Tuesday, June 28, 2011

slumber party


These sweet little cousins of Karina's had a fun little slumber party with us this last month. They thought it was so great especially Karina who had not had a slumber party until now. We had decided that she could have one for her 5th birthday which is coming up soon. But as I thought about it I figured it might be fun to get her even more excited and have a mini one before the big day. So we did and they were so cute!

They did all the things that are fun at slumber partys. They played games, ate yummy food, watched a movie, read books with flashlights and just really enjoyed each other. They even slept great which was a miracle! I was kinda expecting them not to. :) But was really glad when they did.

They looked too cute in their sleeping bags all bunched up together. And I am not lying when I say there was NO walking room left in Karina's little room when I finished blowing up the mattresses they were sleeping on. Why is it SO MUCH FUN to sleep on the floor at that age? I remember begging to sleep on the floor some nights when I was that age.



Anyway, I definately think of this as a rite of passage for my girl. She just seemed so grown up doing all these things like older girls do. And I am excited for her that it is only the beginning of many more fun and fabulous things to come. We are really looking forward to her birthday party and I am trying to plan some really great things for the girls to enjoy while they're here that night. I got some great ideas from a Martha Stewart show all about slumber party's! It is going to only be her cousins this time. Maybe next time we'll branch out and have some friends stay. But I am playing it safe and asking the mom's to stay too. Just in case. :)


The next day was beautiful and so after a yummy breakfast and a little playing inside they decided to go swimming. They are all a great size for this pool. They can all touch the bottom but they still have a wonderful time in it. I love that it is right out the kitchen window so that I can keep a close eye on them. And I can be out there in a second if they need me. Love it that our house is set up that way.




I know before I know it they will be teenagers and think back to when a pool like this seemed big to them. And instead they will tell me they are driving out to the beach for the day. And I will have to trust that they will be safe and smart even though I am not right there to tell them whether they are being safe or smart. But I know that is just part of being a mom and putting my trust in the Lord. :)

SO now that we've had a trial run I think we are ready for the big party to come. Next I'll be sharing a little snippet of all the great parties we've been blessed to go to this summer. That's if I can fit them all in one post. :) Come back soon!

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emily said...

soooo cute! i cannot wait for her birthday party!!! i forgot that we get to stay too. :) teehee. love you.