Sunday, June 12, 2011

a precious gift

Just pondering how much this sweet lady has been such a precious part of my life in the last six years now. She hasn't been doing well lately and thinking about not having her here makes me sad. She is my husbands grandmother and she became mine when I married him. Both of my grandmothers have been out of my life for quite a while now and when I was welcomed into this little ladies wonderful family, well, I knew God had given me a great gift in having grandparents again.

She has done an amazing job raising her children, loving her husband and being a blessing to all around her. And I am excited about spending eternity with her. Still for now she is heavy on my heart and mind and I love her dearly. We were able to go and see her at the end of last month and it broke my heart to hear and see her as I had seen my own grandmother struggle. And yet how could I be sad when she wears this beautiful smile that gleams and reassures me that there is always joy to be had in every circumstance when God is our father.

So I will praise Him for all the wonderful times we have had together and all the rejoicing that is yet to come as we live each day to serve our Lord whether in this life or the next. Knowing that we are here to bring Him glory and love one another.

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