Tuesday, June 28, 2011


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A few weeks ago now my brother and his sweet family came to visit. It was really a blessing to see them and meet their newest little member of the family, baby Layna. She was too cute and we enjoyed squeezing and hugging on her. More pictures of that to come. Their little boy had grown so much and he was a lot of fun as well. It was just a good time all round.

One night while they were here we had them and my folks over for a nice grilled dinner and it all started with some great music that Danny and Karina had the honor of performing. These two were too cute together and there is something about seeing my daughter take such joy in my siblings and the other way around. It's kinda crazy to me sometimes to think back on all the fun we had growing up and to see us now all with our own kids having a blast today. What a gift from God it is!!

They sang all kinds of songs that night. And when Karina woke up in the morning and they weren't there she told me that Uncle Danny needed to come back so that they could play more music. So Dan your on come Christmas when you guys are here again. We loved having you and now Jeff needs to pull out his guitar so that his little lady can get plenty of practice in before the next show. :)

IMG_6226 by kristiem05

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On with the show!!!

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