Monday, June 27, 2011

can't believe it

It's really hard for me to believe that this little lady's 5th birthday is a little more then a month away. This picture was taken at her first time seeing fireworks. She is almost two here and she loved them. She still loves them and we need to figure out where we are going to go to watch them this year. We were just talking about it tonight and she got really excited. So we will figure that out.

We just enjoyed a nice night out to eat with family. My sister's youngest little guy had his first birthday today. So we celebrated with a little cake she made. It was fun and he is the sweetest little thing. This summer has been FULL and I mean full of birthdays in our family. What a blessing to celebrate them all. It can make things pretty busy but it's wonderful at the same time.

This weekend we are celebrating another one of my sweet nephews who is turning 6. Karina can't wait to go to his party and enjoy all her cousins some more. She is the last cousin in the line up for the summer month birthdays. So when her's finally gets here she is going to be so ready. I will say she is getting better and better about being happy for the birthday boy or girl that we are celebrating at any given birthday instead of saying how much she wants this or that they have just received. I am proud of her and the giving heart God is growing in her. I know we will still have our struggles along the way. I've tried to let her know at times that mommy struggles too with that. But that we can encourage each other to be content.

Today was one of those content kind of days. We just enjoyed each other and our home. And our things. God has really given us so very much and on those days when we are just happy with what we have and with each other it is so sweet. We cleaned, we played, we swam, we watched a movie, we napped and we just were. And as much as I love looking back at all her precious baby and toddler pictures I loved that my little girl is growing up. I love that it will mean we can do new and fun things with each other. And I get really excited.

So I say bring on the birthdays and fireworks. Let's celebrate life and make a big deal. Cause really it is a big deal. God has given us life and an abundant one at that. So I will praise him and make everyday a celebration. Go on and celebrate too!

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