Tuesday, June 28, 2011

slumber party


These sweet little cousins of Karina's had a fun little slumber party with us this last month. They thought it was so great especially Karina who had not had a slumber party until now. We had decided that she could have one for her 5th birthday which is coming up soon. But as I thought about it I figured it might be fun to get her even more excited and have a mini one before the big day. So we did and they were so cute!

They did all the things that are fun at slumber partys. They played games, ate yummy food, watched a movie, read books with flashlights and just really enjoyed each other. They even slept great which was a miracle! I was kinda expecting them not to. :) But was really glad when they did.

They looked too cute in their sleeping bags all bunched up together. And I am not lying when I say there was NO walking room left in Karina's little room when I finished blowing up the mattresses they were sleeping on. Why is it SO MUCH FUN to sleep on the floor at that age? I remember begging to sleep on the floor some nights when I was that age.



Anyway, I definately think of this as a rite of passage for my girl. She just seemed so grown up doing all these things like older girls do. And I am excited for her that it is only the beginning of many more fun and fabulous things to come. We are really looking forward to her birthday party and I am trying to plan some really great things for the girls to enjoy while they're here that night. I got some great ideas from a Martha Stewart show all about slumber party's! It is going to only be her cousins this time. Maybe next time we'll branch out and have some friends stay. But I am playing it safe and asking the mom's to stay too. Just in case. :)


The next day was beautiful and so after a yummy breakfast and a little playing inside they decided to go swimming. They are all a great size for this pool. They can all touch the bottom but they still have a wonderful time in it. I love that it is right out the kitchen window so that I can keep a close eye on them. And I can be out there in a second if they need me. Love it that our house is set up that way.




I know before I know it they will be teenagers and think back to when a pool like this seemed big to them. And instead they will tell me they are driving out to the beach for the day. And I will have to trust that they will be safe and smart even though I am not right there to tell them whether they are being safe or smart. But I know that is just part of being a mom and putting my trust in the Lord. :)

SO now that we've had a trial run I think we are ready for the big party to come. Next I'll be sharing a little snippet of all the great parties we've been blessed to go to this summer. That's if I can fit them all in one post. :) Come back soon!


IMG_6227 by kristiem05

A few weeks ago now my brother and his sweet family came to visit. It was really a blessing to see them and meet their newest little member of the family, baby Layna. She was too cute and we enjoyed squeezing and hugging on her. More pictures of that to come. Their little boy had grown so much and he was a lot of fun as well. It was just a good time all round.

One night while they were here we had them and my folks over for a nice grilled dinner and it all started with some great music that Danny and Karina had the honor of performing. These two were too cute together and there is something about seeing my daughter take such joy in my siblings and the other way around. It's kinda crazy to me sometimes to think back on all the fun we had growing up and to see us now all with our own kids having a blast today. What a gift from God it is!!

They sang all kinds of songs that night. And when Karina woke up in the morning and they weren't there she told me that Uncle Danny needed to come back so that they could play more music. So Dan your on come Christmas when you guys are here again. We loved having you and now Jeff needs to pull out his guitar so that his little lady can get plenty of practice in before the next show. :)

IMG_6226 by kristiem05

IMG_6225 by kristiem05

On with the show!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

can't believe it

It's really hard for me to believe that this little lady's 5th birthday is a little more then a month away. This picture was taken at her first time seeing fireworks. She is almost two here and she loved them. She still loves them and we need to figure out where we are going to go to watch them this year. We were just talking about it tonight and she got really excited. So we will figure that out.

We just enjoyed a nice night out to eat with family. My sister's youngest little guy had his first birthday today. So we celebrated with a little cake she made. It was fun and he is the sweetest little thing. This summer has been FULL and I mean full of birthdays in our family. What a blessing to celebrate them all. It can make things pretty busy but it's wonderful at the same time.

This weekend we are celebrating another one of my sweet nephews who is turning 6. Karina can't wait to go to his party and enjoy all her cousins some more. She is the last cousin in the line up for the summer month birthdays. So when her's finally gets here she is going to be so ready. I will say she is getting better and better about being happy for the birthday boy or girl that we are celebrating at any given birthday instead of saying how much she wants this or that they have just received. I am proud of her and the giving heart God is growing in her. I know we will still have our struggles along the way. I've tried to let her know at times that mommy struggles too with that. But that we can encourage each other to be content.

Today was one of those content kind of days. We just enjoyed each other and our home. And our things. God has really given us so very much and on those days when we are just happy with what we have and with each other it is so sweet. We cleaned, we played, we swam, we watched a movie, we napped and we just were. And as much as I love looking back at all her precious baby and toddler pictures I loved that my little girl is growing up. I love that it will mean we can do new and fun things with each other. And I get really excited.

So I say bring on the birthdays and fireworks. Let's celebrate life and make a big deal. Cause really it is a big deal. God has given us life and an abundant one at that. So I will praise him and make everyday a celebration. Go on and celebrate too!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

father's day

We had a wonderful Father's Day weekend celebrating Jeff and the amazing dad he is to our little Karina. I can't imagine a more perfect father for our little girl. God knew who she needed and gave her just that. I am often in awe of the beautiful picture I see of the Lord's relationship with us in their relationship with each other. They love each other so much and she adores him. We are also so very blessed with incredible dad's of our own and couldn't thank God more for all they mean to us.

So here is our weekend in pictures. We enjoyed a really nice time out on Saturday night for dinner and ice cream. Then on Sunday after a great church service we headed home with some yummy take out lunch and had a very relaxing day. It was perfect! Jeff loved the gifts we gave him and we loved spending time with him.......

Hope everyone had a great one and that your summer is turning out mighty fun. Ours has been quite busy, but loads of fun none the less. Some sadness has been mixed in too though. We said goodbye to Jeff's grandmommy last week who went to be with the Lord. And though we will miss her dearly we look forward to the great reunion we will have once in our heavenly home. As I said in the last post we had just gone to visit her and the rest of the family so we were blessed to have that time to share. I am thankful to have captured some precious pictures too. So I will share those soon.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

a precious gift

Just pondering how much this sweet lady has been such a precious part of my life in the last six years now. She hasn't been doing well lately and thinking about not having her here makes me sad. She is my husbands grandmother and she became mine when I married him. Both of my grandmothers have been out of my life for quite a while now and when I was welcomed into this little ladies wonderful family, well, I knew God had given me a great gift in having grandparents again.

She has done an amazing job raising her children, loving her husband and being a blessing to all around her. And I am excited about spending eternity with her. Still for now she is heavy on my heart and mind and I love her dearly. We were able to go and see her at the end of last month and it broke my heart to hear and see her as I had seen my own grandmother struggle. And yet how could I be sad when she wears this beautiful smile that gleams and reassures me that there is always joy to be had in every circumstance when God is our father.

So I will praise Him for all the wonderful times we have had together and all the rejoicing that is yet to come as we live each day to serve our Lord whether in this life or the next. Knowing that we are here to bring Him glory and love one another.