Monday, May 9, 2011

a very happy mother's day weekend

Our Mother's Day weekend was a lovely one. We started it out with a great day at home on Saturday swimming in the pool. Ending that day with a beautiful bike ride before dinner. The weather was perfect. And we enjoyed every minute. We even found some fish to feed in a little creek close by. Karina is still taking the easy road in the bike seat, but soon will have to do it on her own little two wheeler. Needing to work on her riding without training wheels first. I know if we just practice she'll pick it up pretty quick.

Then it was time to head home and fix a quick and easy but oh so yummy dinner of baked fish and corn on the cob. Can I just say I LOVE FRESH CORN!!!

Oh and if you've never had fish with fresh mango and cilantro salsa you don't know what you're missing. I mean to tell ya! It kicks it up more then a notch. BAM!! BAM!

On Sunday after church we cruised on over to my mom and dad's house for some good ol' relaxin' with the fam and a delicious grilled meal. My dad is a true grill master and mom is the epitome of hospitality. The two of them truly are amazing!! Thank you Lord for such awesome parents!

It's also nice to see my man kicking back and enjoying himself. I adore this guy.

The kids had a little fun too. They played while food was cooking. Took a break to eat. And then played some more. Lunch was really really good and you would think if you knew me well that I would've taken a picture of my plate. But I didn't. Guess I was hungry enough to forget all about that.

Oh how my mom's little garden inspires me. I promise myself that one day I will grow a little garden of my own.

Can you tell this little man enjoyed his lunch?

Oh did the kids have fun with this!

The mom's sat in the shade on the porch taking in the beautiful day and watching the kids have a blast. What is better then that!?

It was such a wonderful time and I can't even begin to thank God enough for my mom and the beauty she brings to my life as well as my precious mother in law. They are an amazing example to me of what a godly mother should be and so much more. SO thank you again mom and mom for all you are and all you do. And to all my sweet mommy friends and my precious sister and sister in laws thank you for your love and encouragement as fellow mother's trying our best to be all God wants us to be. I love you!

And thank you Lord for the beautiful gift of my little girl. She is all I ever wanted and more. And though being a mommy is REALLY hard work sometimes I love it and praise you for the joy it brings.

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