Saturday, May 28, 2011

camping with daddy

A couple weeks ago now Jeff came home after work and talked about wanting to take Karina camping in the back yard. My heart melted that he would think about doing something like that and I immediately started thinking about how I could help make it be a really fun night for them. But he didn't need my help. As we talked he had it all planned out in his head. From dinner being grilled out to what books he'd like to read to her in the tent later that night.

So I let him plan and do it all and it was wonderful! He started by letting her put up the tent with him. Oh and I will insert here that the night they camped it was a beautiful 50 degrees outside. Yeah don't think the idea would have been that exciting to him had it been any warmer.

She was so excited she couldn't see straight

She also had to test the comfort of the sleeping bag out and notice how she already had put something in the little netted pouch on the side there.

After getting the fire pit all ready for our campfire Jeff grilled a fabulous dinner and we ate outside as the sun began to set.

Daddy and daughter enjoying a beer while grilling. J/K it was cream soda, but she knew it was still special!

Enjoying all the yummy food!!

Oh and after dinner she had to show me her pocket knife. She had no doubt seen daddy's and wanted to be like him. So she found her little plastic one and went right on pretending. Here she is explaining how sharp it is. :) I love it!

Then we enjoyed a beautiful bike ride in the cool of the day. And while we rode Karina could not stop thinking about the s'mores we were going to roast up once we got home. So it wasn't a very long ride.

I had a few sparklers left over from new years I think and so she had some fun with those. And then it was time for desert!!!

Karina and mommy couldn't wait to eat a piece of chocolate so we snacked while the fire died down a bit.

Jeff even got the crazy idea to take little bit on a wheel barrel ride around the yard to help her be patient. It was pretty funny. I thought it was cute that he said it was like a hayride. Only he didn't have hay or a wagon. But they both have great imaginations!

Then the roasting began!

And if you have never tried making s'mores with Reese's cups you don't know what you're missing! I had never had one or even thought of it before some of my friends said to try it and so we did. AMAZING!

Once we were all filled up with those delicious treats Karina and her daddy headed inside to change into p.j.'s and brush teeth. The day before we had been to the library and checked out this book. So that worked out perfectly for them to read on this night. The book is a funny story about a guy and his dog that go camping and everything goes wrong. So they end up back at home in the back yard camping there and having a great time. :)

After saying goodnight to my two sweeties I headed inside and had a little getaway of my own. I grabbed some snacks and my knitting and got cozy on the couch to watch a movie. I stayed up way too late and paid for it the next day. But I think we all enjoyed ourselves and will surely try it again. Maybe I will even camp with them next time. But I am so very blessed that Karina has a daddy that thinks of wonderful things like that to do with her. She is One Blessed Girl indeed!


nancygrayce said...

Karina will never forget those times! Memories!

plantinglittleseeds said...

SO SWEET! The grilled food looked so yummy! I wish I could try the reeses cup s'more... do they make them non-dairy? :)