Monday, April 11, 2011

funky friends

We had a sweet girly day here recently and I let these two sweeties pick out what they wanted to make some fun flower/feather headbands. I will say they were creative. :) A little funky but that's just how they are. Most of the time they get along and play so sweetly. And then there are times where they are in a bit of a funk. That's when I have to remind them how much they love each other and what a gift it is for them to have each other to spend time with. Their funks don't usually last very long and then they are playing once again. I melt when I see them having fun and thank God that they have each other.

May we all see the beauty of such sweet friendships and know that each and every one is a beautiful gift of God to be cherished every day. I know the Lord has gifted me with so many kind and loving friends through the years and I can look back, and in the present, and see how He is molding me and making me just who He wants me to be through all of them. And I thank Him for that. But of all the friendships that I have or could ever have I pray that my relationship with the Lord would be the strongest of them all. Only then will the others be what they ought to be. Oh Lord help me be the friend you want me to be.

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nancygrayce said...

Those two just melted my heart! What a blessing!

You are a wonderful friend and I love you.