Thursday, April 21, 2011

pretty patterns

I love using patterned material to make these flowers! I had some fun last night putting these together so that I can drop them off at the shop today. I also made Karina one of each and just love putting them in her hair. They really do say SPRING to me. I am trying to plan a girl/craft night here very soon so that I can show my sweet lady friends how very easy these are to make. I think it's so much fun to clip one of these on a plain t-shirt to spruce it up a bit or even on a gift bag intended for a girlfriend or baby gift.

Well I better scoot-a-loo if I'm gonna get things done today. Hope you all have a bloomin' good day!

1 comment:

heatherfrost said...

these are so sweet Kristie! I love the paper you put them on. Looking forward to the ladies night!