Monday, April 11, 2011

pillow talk

I was thinking recently that the pillows on my couch could use a little sprucing up. They have all been striped for a while now and I just love the look of mixing patterns but staying in the same color group. So I headed to JoAnn's one day and found a few pretty prints that I thought might work nicely with the stripes I already had. I felt silly getting new pillows altogether because it was so much cheaper to just cover the ones that I had. And so I did for only $5 a piece! I am really liking the floral and paisley, but I don't think it makes it too frilly at all. I have tried to not frilly up our house for my husbands sake and just enjoy putting girly touches here and there. So far he has liked what I've done. We'll see as the years go by. :)

I so could jump right into this pile of cushiness (a word?)!

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