Saturday, April 23, 2011

He Is Risen!

I am so looking forward to celebrating my Lord's resurrection tomorrow. But right now I am just plain tired. How pitiful does that sound? We've been busy all day long with good things. And yet part of me thinks it would've been nice to enjoy the day sitting outside quietly reading my bible and really trying to picture what it must have been like to wake up that morning and find Jesus not in the tomb!

I mean really can you imagine? I don't think my tiny mind can completely get wrapped around it. And as much as I want to celebrate that HE IS RISEN! tomorrow. I also want to start each and every day rejoicing in that. That because HE lives I can face tomorrow, because HE lives all fear is gone, because I know, I know who holds the future and life is worth the living just because HE lives.

May I learn to die to myself and know that the things that seem important to me here and now are no match for the glory that is to come!

Happy Easter everyone!!

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nancygrayce said...

So true! I hope your Easter was wonderful! We went to see Tommy, Claudia and Charley and went to Centerpoint Presbyterian Church there. We were so thankful that all 4 of our children were in church on Easter! I pray that God will work in each service held all around the world to bring people to Himself!

I love you!