Saturday, May 21, 2011

furniture makeover

A couple months ago now we picked up this funky looking piece of furniture in hopes that it would serve a very useful purpose. It not only is serving it's purpose, and quite nicely I must say(I am really enjoying the extra storage), but it is also quite a statement in it's own right.

It is really different to say the least and I think that is why we were both drawn to it. All we needed was a simple dresser to act as a buffet. Our style or styles I should say are a little bit of everything. Of course if CHEAP could be a style that would be the first. :) But I think if I had to describe the kinds of things that I like it would be: traditional, vintage and a little bit modern. So bringing this piece into our home was a fun way to add to our mix/matched collection.

We found it on Craigslist with the help of my sister and sis in law. And paid only $75 for it which to me was a steal being that it was solid wood. I also found another just like it only painted a different color selling on some collectors site for $900 as a set with another dresser and mirror.

It wasn't really the color wood I was looking for and had thought I might go ahead and paint whatever we found anyway to tie it into where it was going. So I got right to work sanding, priming and painting it. It was a job, but not too big. I actually was able to sand it in a few hours. Prime it the same day and paint it the next.

I really like the detail on the drawers. I think it adds a lot to the charm and character. And you'll notice in the following pictures that I had my little helper outside with me giving her expert painting advice while I worked. Of course she needed to have something to paint too. So we pulled out some of her little wooden projects she made at Lowe's and she was good to go.

I was really hoping to have it done in time for our Easter lunch we were hosting for our family. And it was. We had actually moved our dining room table into another room better suited for it. And this filled the space that was left and also added the storage I was wanting. SO it all worked out rather nice.

As you can see it ties in with our big black fridge (to the right of the dresser) which is visible as soon as you come into our home. But with the dresser there now your eye has something else to catch it. So we are happy and thankful that it didn't take long to find or a ton of money.

I am still trying to decide if we will ever change out the leaf like handles. And maybe one day we will. But for now I like how it sets it apart from any other piece of furniture I've seen. And with them being black too they don't really stand out too much in the natural light. So I will take the funky over the common and enjoy it's differences.

I know it's not a piece for everyone and some will love it and some won't. But it makes me smile and think about how we are all so different in our own way. How God must love making us all so wonderfully unique. He is the true artist and designer!

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heatherfrost said...

Nice transformation! What a find at $75!!