Thursday, April 28, 2011

easter sunday

Our Easter Sunday was full of blessings. First we had a lovely and meaningful service at church. That was followed by a delicious lunch at our home with our extended family. Then we all enjoyed a lovely afternoon relaxing outdoors and in. We couldn't have asked for a nicer day and I hope yours was the same.

This year it was really special to me to use Jeff's grandmother's china that she gifted me with a couple years ago now. I really love the floral pattern on it. It just says spring to me and the touch of brown in it is so beautifully vintage. I also used some cloth napkins for the centerpiece that she gave to me as well as a wonderful glass pitcher that belonged to her. I think she was blessed to see all her wonderful things being put to good use. She is such a gift to me and it fills me with joy to have these tokens of her love to enjoy. Not having my own grandmother's in my life any longer makes my relationship with her even more precious. And I thank the Lord for giving me such a kindred spirit in her.

Oh and desert was pretty darn good too. How can you lose with all these amazing choices of pie? I ask you!

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