Thursday, April 14, 2011

day trip

A few weeks ago now I took a beautiful day trip with three of my favorite ladies. One is my very own little Karina who blesses me beyond words every single day(yes she can make me carzy too). The other two are my awesome mother in law and her mom. These precious gals have made such an incredible difference in my life and I thank God so much for them.

So we all climbed into the car and headed out on one of those blue sky days that make you just want to hop in the car and drive until you decide to stop and look at things. And we did just that. Although we did have a destination in mind. It was an adorable little fishing town that I had been to before with my man on a weekend anniversary trip. This town is so quiant and just plain lovely.

Our time there was wonderful. Full of popping in cute little shops finding little treasures here and there to take home with us. Eating a DELICIOUS lunch at a waterside cafe and ice cream. Karina was pretty excited about that last little detail. :) So sit back and enjoy my little photo journal of our great girl day out....

Maybe I'll get on here soon and show some of the great treasures I brought home with me. Thanks for stopping by!

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