Thursday, April 28, 2011

flower power

I am really enjoying making these right now. They seem to be doing well in the shop and it doesn't take long to make up a bunch and replenish what's been sold. Not so true with the knitted hats. :) It really is fun to go and pick out new patterned or solid fabric too. Though I really should get into more of my stash before I hit the store again to buy.

I really love having all my sweet lady friends over to learn a fun craft and will be planning a night very soon for just that. We have great snacks and fun fellowship and always end up making some really lovely things. I really need to get a date on the calender for that. It was hard to think of a time for it before Easter and now Mother's Day is right around the corner and I don't know if I can make it happen before then. So we will see but I will be sure to share all the fun we have on here. So keep a look out for more fun flowers!

by the bay.....

Last week we had a fun little outing with my sister and her sweet kids. We actually started our time out with a trip to see something I was looking at on Craigslist. She came along with me to give me her expert opinion and I am so glad she did. A day later I bought something else that was so much better. It pays to wait! But it was a wonderful day to spend with her anyway. We picked up lunch and drove over to the marina and had a great time. Thanks again Tam!!

easter sunday

Our Easter Sunday was full of blessings. First we had a lovely and meaningful service at church. That was followed by a delicious lunch at our home with our extended family. Then we all enjoyed a lovely afternoon relaxing outdoors and in. We couldn't have asked for a nicer day and I hope yours was the same.

This year it was really special to me to use Jeff's grandmother's china that she gifted me with a couple years ago now. I really love the floral pattern on it. It just says spring to me and the touch of brown in it is so beautifully vintage. I also used some cloth napkins for the centerpiece that she gave to me as well as a wonderful glass pitcher that belonged to her. I think she was blessed to see all her wonderful things being put to good use. She is such a gift to me and it fills me with joy to have these tokens of her love to enjoy. Not having my own grandmother's in my life any longer makes my relationship with her even more precious. And I thank the Lord for giving me such a kindred spirit in her.

Oh and desert was pretty darn good too. How can you lose with all these amazing choices of pie? I ask you!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

He Is Risen!

I am so looking forward to celebrating my Lord's resurrection tomorrow. But right now I am just plain tired. How pitiful does that sound? We've been busy all day long with good things. And yet part of me thinks it would've been nice to enjoy the day sitting outside quietly reading my bible and really trying to picture what it must have been like to wake up that morning and find Jesus not in the tomb!

I mean really can you imagine? I don't think my tiny mind can completely get wrapped around it. And as much as I want to celebrate that HE IS RISEN! tomorrow. I also want to start each and every day rejoicing in that. That because HE lives I can face tomorrow, because HE lives all fear is gone, because I know, I know who holds the future and life is worth the living just because HE lives.

May I learn to die to myself and know that the things that seem important to me here and now are no match for the glory that is to come!

Happy Easter everyone!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

pretty patterns

I love using patterned material to make these flowers! I had some fun last night putting these together so that I can drop them off at the shop today. I also made Karina one of each and just love putting them in her hair. They really do say SPRING to me. I am trying to plan a girl/craft night here very soon so that I can show my sweet lady friends how very easy these are to make. I think it's so much fun to clip one of these on a plain t-shirt to spruce it up a bit or even on a gift bag intended for a girlfriend or baby gift.

Well I better scoot-a-loo if I'm gonna get things done today. Hope you all have a bloomin' good day!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

our days lately...

Thanking God for this beautiful week and rejoicing in Him for whom we live!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I have been loving me some bean salads lately. I don't know what it is about this one but I could eat it everyday. Maybe it's the cilantro. Maybe it's the salsa and fresh onion. Maybe it's that I really love chick peas! Ok so it's all of those. And on a warm spring day all I want to do is make one of these salads, sit on my patio in the shade and watch my little girl swim. So that is what I've been doing this week and it's been lovely.

This week feels like it's gone by quickly but has been great. We enjoyed fun times with friends. Got things done around here and I even dropped off some of my flower fabric headbands to sell in the shop. Yesterday was especially fun when I dropped off my little lady at her Yia Yia's house to play for the day and had coffee with a good friend, did some running around and cleaning.

It feels so good to get things done and I can't wait to see if the flowers do well in the shop. I am hoping to get a bunch more in there next week. I bought some more clips, elastic(for headbands) and glue as well as fabric I can't wait to use. Oh and I even picked up a couple things I will recycle for the fabric. So many ideas so little time.

I also look forward to showing some pics of our recent redecorating adventures. We've had some fun around here moving things around. It really changed the feel of the house. And to top it all off we had a fun little dinner party here last night and really enjoyed the company. So I am praising God for another week and hope you are enjoying your weekend too. Happy Saturday night everyone!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

day trip

A few weeks ago now I took a beautiful day trip with three of my favorite ladies. One is my very own little Karina who blesses me beyond words every single day(yes she can make me carzy too). The other two are my awesome mother in law and her mom. These precious gals have made such an incredible difference in my life and I thank God so much for them.

So we all climbed into the car and headed out on one of those blue sky days that make you just want to hop in the car and drive until you decide to stop and look at things. And we did just that. Although we did have a destination in mind. It was an adorable little fishing town that I had been to before with my man on a weekend anniversary trip. This town is so quiant and just plain lovely.

Our time there was wonderful. Full of popping in cute little shops finding little treasures here and there to take home with us. Eating a DELICIOUS lunch at a waterside cafe and ice cream. Karina was pretty excited about that last little detail. :) So sit back and enjoy my little photo journal of our great girl day out....

Maybe I'll get on here soon and show some of the great treasures I brought home with me. Thanks for stopping by!