Wednesday, March 2, 2011

my baby brother

Last weekend we had a blast celebrating my baby brother's 29th birthday. He is truly one of a kind and I have learned a lot through Him and all the Lord has done in His life. And I praise God for that! God knew I needed him these 29 years now. Our lives have had there ups and downs but through it all God has given us each other and our other amazing siblings to help us through whether crying or rejoicing and for that I am grateful. As well as two terrific parents!

Well something Jon loves is getting out into the great outdoors and so it was only fitting that he treat himself and his sweet kids to a weekend camping trip. And why shouldn't he? We only grew up camping what seemed like every other weekend and all loved it! He invited the rest of the family out to the campsite to enjoy a yummy grilled dinner and of course a HUGE birthday cookie too!

There was some lounging around a lovely campfire.

A lovely Yia Yia loving on a certain precious cousin named Noah.

Karina loved playing with the cousins in the camper. Really hoping we can own a small camper some day so she can experience all I did growing up.

Sweet Aunt Tammy and Sensi digging into that great food.

Can't you tell he is right where he wants to be!?

We enjoyed watching the fog roll in over the water behind those rocks there and then it rolled back out giving a beautiful clear view of the lights on the water.

Joseph, who I guess is searching for that one lost ship that can't find it's way through the fog.

Then it was on to singing and eating some more!!

Who wants cake? MEEEEEEEEE! Of course Karina was holding out for the s'mores. Shame on us for not using our fire pit at home more this winter. Though these mild nights we're having seem a lot better for enjoying a fire outside.

She was quite focused as she watched that little marshmallow cook and I must say she is totally in her element too while outside and with her dear cousins. It blesses me so much to see her enjoy them and be able to grow up with them so close by.
Family is such a blessing that I never want to take for granted. We don't always get along or say the right thing to each other, as in every family, but we do love each other like crazy. And I know it's through the Lord and His working in and through us that we will only grow closer as the years go by.

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Lia said...

This looks like such a fun evening! We camped a lot too, although nowhere NEAR as much as your family, and the photos brought back a lot of memories. It's such a precious thing, that you get to live near enough to your family to enjoy moments like these. I'm so happy for all the cousins that Jon and his kids live there now, too! (Happy birthday, Jon!)