Thursday, February 24, 2011

shop news

Just made up these tiny hats a couple weeks ago and put them in the shop. I really enjoy making hats this small. They are finished so quickly! It also is really nice to use up little bits of yarn. I am really working on using up what I already have whether that means food, craft stuff or home decorating. I am going to try to make some new covers for the pillows on my couch here soon. Right now they all match and I love the look of coordinating the colors but having different patterns. SO I will reuse the pillows, but refresh the cases.

I just made a trip to our local Goodwill store and man does it feel good to get rid of stuff that is just sitting around. I also found some really great deals on a few tops for me, some things for little bit, and even a couple shirts for Jeff. It was their half off sale day so they were REALLY good deals.

Anyway, maybe I will make a little money on these sweet hats and be able to refresh some other things around the house with that money. We'll see. I will try to do a post soon with my new/old pillows and maybe a peek at my goodies from Goodwill. But for now it's hats 'round here.

I'm also wanting to make a bunch more of these. Gotta get busy on some more roses. I feel a girl night soon with my mom coming on. We love hanging out making roses and watching movies together. Can't wait!!

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nancygrayce said...

I love your God given gift of creativity!