Monday, February 7, 2011

making things

What do you do with a little girl that's bored, some rhinestones and card stock? You make one of these! She thought it was pretty cool to transform that card stock into something oh-so-girly and sparkly and I did too for that matter. I love to craft and that sometimes gets in the way of my wanting to play with toys as much as I should.

I know one day I am going to wake up to a house full of only grown up girly things and wish I had played more baby dolls and doll house with this precious girl. So I will work on that while you have fun scrolling through these silly pictures we had fun taking!

Where'd she go?

Oh there you are!

What a goof!

And so happy with her pretty fan. Then it was onto baking. Another thing I love to do and I must say this little girl loves it too. So we worked up some yummy cupcakes for a girl night I was having here and I couldn't get over how sweet she looked in her bakers hat that she went and put on with her apron!

OK so I don't know how much she actually likes the baking part, but she will do a job on that mixer once it's all good and chocolaty.

Oh no! What will I do now? Maybe make another cake?

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nancygrayce said...

That is one precious girl! Her fan is so pretty and in that last picture, she looks like she's wondering if she can get just a little more chocolate off those beaters!