Tuesday, January 11, 2011

under $10

Don't ya just love getting a great deal?! I went to a great little thrift store the other day and picked up all these things for a total that was under $10!! If you've ever been thrift shopping you know that you can sometimes find so much and sometimes there is nothing.

Karina just loves this ice cream playdough set and has been playing with it a lot since we brought it home. We have the cake set too and I know we will have fun with both together especially when friends are over.

While I was there I didn't feel like I was getting much but once I got it home. And looked at it again I realized I hadn't done too bad. I had no idea how these shorts would fit but it turned out they were perfect. And the wallet will replace mine that is getting kinda shabby and also matches a purse I use a lot.

This cute dress and handbag I love. I will probably wear the dress as a bathing suit cover or with a tank and some fun sandals. I'm thinking pink maybe. :)

And this other stuff is going as gifts to some precious little girls I know. We also found a fun little game and it had all the pieces too!

It is so much fun to find things like this for around $1 each as apposed to what they could have been. SO I will keep on hunting and hoping to find some treasures here and there. :)

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