Tuesday, January 11, 2011


In an effort to organize everything a little better in our house Jeff went out one night and brought back just a few more bins for storing things. Ok so it was more then a few and I kinda thought it was funny that now we need storage space for the bins themselves. HA! But I'm sure they will get used at some point. He did kinda remind me of my dad for a second who always buys 10-20 more of the same thing then he actually needs just in case.

Well as you can see Karina found a way better use for them then just boring ol' storage. It made the perfect little/big house for her to play in. That only lasted a night because mommy wanted her living room back the next day. Karina was a little disappointed when she woke up but I know what to do now on a rainy day when she gets bored. :)

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