Tuesday, January 4, 2011

new year's eve

We were some of the crazy people that went out on New Year's Eve. We enjoyed a nice dinner out with Jeff's family at a fun burger place and then let the kids have some fun on some great rides that aren't too far from where we live in a really nice shopping area. It was crazy! But fun too and knowing that would go home to coffee and snacks made it even more enjoyable. We weren't out there for too long, but when I asked the kids who wanted to go home and have ice cream and do sparklers they all said MEEEEEE and jumped up and down.

SO here is some of our fun that night out and about....

The girls going up up and away!

They even had fireworks early for the kiddos.

Ethan got his plane ride in too and Amelia loved riding that carousel and waving to us when she and her mommy went by.

I love this shot of Nana, Pappy and the grandkids! So glad we could share that night with them.

Oh and this ball that Karina is pointing at was supposed to drop early too to go along with the early fireworks for the kids. It never did while we were there and we weren't waiting around for it.

So we headed home and on the way Nana decided that we could all do with some yummy donuts. So we stopped there really quick and went home to make some coffee to go with them.

The kids enjoyed some ice cream while we ate the donuts and then it was outside to have fun with the sparklers! It was really nice to go out into sixty-seventy degree temps for that too!

You can see my sad attempt at making some cute hats for the kids to wear. When we got home I printed out a quick pattern for party hats and wrote Happy New Year on them. Better then nothing!

Amelia wasn't so sure about the sparklers this year but I bet by the 4th of July she'll want her own to hold.

After the kids had their fun we got them all cozy in their pj's and tucked them into bed. Then it was time to kick back and relax while watching the crazy people out in times square. That is one place I would NOT want to be on New Year's Eve. The guys had some fun with the Wii and it was just nice to enjoy that time together.

As we were trying to capture a picture of us all together this one came out kinda funny. I know what I will be getting Jeff for his birthday this year. A camera remote!

Hope ya'll had a wonderful New Year's too and that this year is full of great blessing for you and yours!!

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nancygrayce said...

What a great time! I love how Jazz has his head hidden while the kissing was going on!