Saturday, January 8, 2011


We are enjoying some gorgeous weather in January and we made good use of it today. We all headed to the park including the dog and had a lovely time. I feel like we have been way too sun deprived lately and our skin tones are showing it. I might just have to make a trip to the beach this month for some play time in the sand. That's all my little lady wanted to do today and kept asking for a shovel that I didn't have.

Soon though we will be keeping sand toys in our car all the time for those regular beach trips. But I guess I need to bring one now for times like this. She would have been content in that sand for a mighty long time if I would have let her. And I could have planted myself there for the day just watching her.

I just love the way the sun looks coming through the branches of a tree. And just looky hear someone stamped this bench just for me. K is for Kristie right?

And there she is my happy little beach babe!

Isn't it so much fun seeing your kids have a great time!

The water was so peaceful and this shot of the sand served as a reminder to me of how my Lord's thoughts toward me are as many as the sand by the sea. Psalm 139:17,18. He gave us this lovely day and to Him I am truly grateful!

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