Tuesday, January 11, 2011


After getting our new TV on good ol' black Friday last year I decided that my collage of small frames wasn't gonna cut it anymore behind the TV. So I grabbed some inexpensive 8 by 10 frames to add in and then went about trying to arrange them (on the floor first) in a fun but not symmetrical design. It took a little while but once I was happy with it I took some paper and cut a piece the same size as each frame and marked them with a small hole where each nail would need to be . Then taped them up on the wall just to make sure that is what I wanted before committing to it with holes in the wall. :) Once that was done I went ahead and hammered in the nails where the holes in the paper were, tore down the paper and hung the frames.

It really did make such a big difference and was pretty easy too. I was one of those wives that was all worried when the size TV in my husbands ideas got bigger and bigger then what I wanted for our living room. But it all worked out when he settled for a little smaller and I for a little bigger. Any bigger would have been too big but I think the frames above it now take your eyes off the big black screen.

We have lots of fun taking pictures and both enjoy getting out into nature and bringing some of God's beauty through pictures indoors to enjoy. So if you are nervous about hanging a bunch of frames up at once try this method. I saw it somewhere but don't remember where exactly. You might have already seen it and if so I'm glad. It really works!

I was reading a blog the other day about how it's nice to rearrange things after Christmas while still in the cold months. It refreshes things just enough and can even warm things up a bit. I am the kind of person who can have the same things around for quite a while and it not bother me one bit. But lately I have enjoyed moving things around and giving them a little face lift here and there. The gals blog that I was reading even said go shopping in your own house. I thought that was a clever idea! Happy snuggling in your own cozy home on these chilly winter days!

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