Friday, November 26, 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

custom order

This custom order was a really fun job. For one I LOVE the color brown mixed with anything. So these designs are a favorite of mine. Two they were for a really special gal that I know and have known for quite some time. I knew they would bless her and she was wanting to pay me a pretty penny for them all. So how could I say no. The two on the top were for her tiny little twin nieces. The two below were for her and her precious little girl.

After finishing these up it didn't take long for me to start on another brown hat. This one is going up for sale at the shop. There are few things that I enjoy more then a yummy cup of coffee and my knitting waiting for me. :)

Hope you all are having some sweet times of making things too. Whether it's some yummy food for your Thanksgiving meal or a fun craft with your kiddos. Enjoy every minute! Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

craft night

Well it was a hit! Craft night was great and boy did we have fun. I loved so much getting together with all these wonderful ladies and just having some fun. We made lots of pretty things and I think everyone really enjoyed themselves. So here is a little peek into the terrific time we had.

Each lady was asked to bring a small desert and man did we have a loaded table! Everything was so yummy and you never have to wonder if we will have enough when these ladies bring things.

The craft tables were loaded too. This one was piled high with the many choices of fabric for the roses we made. All of these, except a few, were from a sweet gals sewing closet who let me come over and raid all she had. So man did we have a variety!

I thought it would be fun to make a cute display of the ways you can wear the roses. I used one of Karina's little chairs for a mock mannequin!

My lovely mom picking out her favorites.

The frames with collages in them were some pictures I found online and thought they would give the ladies some good ideas. I am VERY visual and like to see things made up before I try them myself.

I love this picture. We really had so much fun and what a great way to get some sweet fellowship in. There was a lot of laughing!

Angela and Jenna with their vintage fabric roses before trimming the extra felt off.

Then moving to another table where ladies were making some beautiful Christmas ornaments. They were taking clear glass balls and dripping some paint down inside and swirling it around to create a design. My dear friend Dawn lead this craft and brought all the supplies.

I love this shot of Shannon. So deep in thought. :)

You see another picture a little further down where the ornaments are decorated with a little tulle at the top. They really are a pretty and fun craft to make.

Next is the card making table. My friend Kristen lead this craft and her cards are just gorgeous.

In this next one Heather and my mom are making some earrings. I found some really great beads on sale for this and was so excited for all the gals to use them.

Tyler showing all her many roses. I LOVE IT! Quite a few of the ladies made more then three of these. I was so glad!

We also had hair bow making by my friend Heather. Here Heather is showing Heather just how to do a nice bow.

All the girls just having fun hanging out!

Here are a few more shots of the things people made and some of the decorations. I was really blessed that our church had something the night before this and the decorations were left over. So I really didn't have to do much when it came to making it pretty.

On the way out we had these pretty little bags for everyone to tuck there goodies into that they made. I really can't even begin to say how much I enjoyed this night. These ladies all bless me so much just by my knowing them. And then add to that them really enjoying things that are close to my heart and it just makes it all the more fun.

We are already brain storming for another night like this one come spring time. But for now we will smile when we see a hand made rose on each others sweater, hand made earrings being modeled, sweet hand made hair bows in our little girls hair, pretty hand made ornaments hanging from our tree, and sweet hand made cards we can send to someone we love.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

great time

Last Saturday I went out for the afternoon with a friend. This was a much needed time for me since I had not seen this sweet friend in a while and had really been wanting to catch up on all that was going on with her. And it was also just nice to have a break from being mommy. I knew my little lady could enjoy some daddy time too.

So my friend Sibyl came and picked me up along with my bike for a late afternoon bike ride that almost didn't happen. :) It almost didn't happen because we took some time looking through this great little yarn shop she had been in and wanted to show me. I loved it! Yarn is like candy to me and I definitely wanted to take some home. But like any little kid when faced with the choice of picking just one piece of delicious candy stands there and stares until they are absolutely sure of the one they want, I stood there gazing for quite some time. But finally did choose a lovely olive green organic cotton yarn that I will be using to make a special Christmas gift with.

Once we made our purchases we headed out to a fun restaurant that has great food. I hadn't been here in years and really enjoyed it. Not only my food but Sibyl's too. :) That's what friends are for sharing right?

Then we drove over to a wonderful little beach side town to take in the sunset and that bike ride I was talking about. This town is so quaint. I will be going back soon to a campground not far from here with my hunny for a fun little weekend camping trip on my birthday. Really excited about that!

Before it got dark we hopped on our bikes. Don't you just love Sibyl's basket? We rode through the brick paved streets and saw some lovely fall colors.

As the sky grew dark the lights glowed on these trees. It was beautiful. There was even a wedding happening at a small chapel close by and people were gathering to celebrate. And as we walked our bikes around some shops I saw this sign and had to smile. How often do we forget the simple things. How easy it is to forget the glory portrayed in and gift of a sunset. Or the fellowship we are enriched by when once again bonding with a close friend.

You know that friend that you can go weeks, maybe a month, without really communicating with. And then when you finally do it's so rich and it seems like time never passed. Well that friend for me is Sibyl. She has been there for me through so many things and my life is better because I know her. SO if you read this Sibyl thank you and know that I wouldn't be the person I am today without your great counsel, shared wisdom, listening ear, loving heart and great sense of humor. Love you gal!