Saturday, October 30, 2010

fall festival fun

Our little Thumbelina was all set and ready to go play some games at the Fall Festival this last Friday night. I was so glad I could pull out this costume that I bought last year off a clearance rack and that she actually wanted to wear it.

When we arrived at the medieval themed Festival her Nana was all dressed up in her great costume too! Loving her long locks!!

She actually waited patiently for her turn at the games. We are really working on patience here at home and so this was more good practice.

When some of her cousins got there we had to take a picture. They looked wonderful as a queen, a king(a friend of theirs), a knight, and princess.

And some more of her sweet cousins dressed as a knight and princess.

Nana with her girly grands.

Then we walked on over to the fishin' hole. This was her second favorite game last year.

Her very favorite was the cake walk. Not really sure why, but it makes me want to cut out some squares with numbers on it and have her walk around to some music here at home if that's what makes her happy!

I thought this was a cute idea. You spin the wheel to see which box of treats you get to pick from. Her teacher at church on Wednesday nights was in charge of this one.

She loves Ms. Dawn

We thought Karina's little friend Georgia made the cutest little Dorothy!

And I couldn't get over how great my brother looked as a pirate. Here he is ready to swab the deck!

This little lady was so excited about cotton candy that she talked about it for weeks before the festival.

And she just LOVES getting her face painted, but hates it when I have to take it off. I think she would be happy with it on all the time. She takes it quite seriously.

And she even got to pick out a treat afterwards. Then it was on to the bouncy castle.

I dare not forget the horse rides. As we walked outside to do this all her cousins were just coming in from riding, but they happily turned around and joined us for one more ride.

They even had this adorable little wagon ride and the kids just thrilled on it.

I just loved all the signs that night and thought everyone that helped did a great job on the medieval theme.

After fitting in another game or two this mommy was all tuckered out. So we munched on some of our treats and called it a night.

I loved how one friend put kids sharing their goodies with mom and dad. That it was the "mommy and daddy tax". Here is my brother "taxing" his little lady. Though swindling and steeling would be more appropriate for a pirate.

I'll end with this cute picture of my sweet little nephew. His family couldn't have looked any cuter in their pirate costumes. His older sister above was even able to use Karina's pirate costume from last year which was great.

Everyone had a great time and it will be fun to see what the kids choose to be next year. Now to just not eat all the candy in my house. I was just telling my mom today that she would be shocked to know that I didn't buy ANY candy this year. Then today when we went to the store together I couldn't resist seeing it marked 50% off. Does that mean it's fewer calories too? :)

a great day

Yesterday I had an absolute fabulous time with my darling sister and her kids. We met at a green next to some great shops and had a picnic lunch. Then the kids of course wanted to run and run and run. So we let them. An especially good idea when you are about to walk through a store or two.

The girls spotted this guy walking his dog and though he saw them coming he just kept on walking. I don't think he was quite up for a few little doggy lovers holding up his exercise.

This green, most commonly used for open air concerts and movies, is just a fun and beautiful place to come and enjoy an outside lunch. It is also right by the beach. You can see the beach front homes all lined up in their great colors.

I love these kids and their precious parents so much and am so blessed when we get to spend some quality time together.

Then it was onto the shopping. Old Navy has some REALLY GREAT DEALS! And have you seen their cute new mannequins?

Aren't these too much fun!? Not quite sure what Karina is doing in these shots. Maybe she thought I said pose like a wild animal. I don't know. And I usually don't carry my camera into a store and just start snapping pictures. But when these guys started trying on these hats and scarves I couldn't resist running out to the car to get it.

I couldn't help but take some of them with the real mannequins too. :)

They really did fit in with their jeans and colorful shirts. And they actually did really well with my sis and I taking our time browsing. We got some of the cutest things off the clearance racks!! I really couldn't believe it. I'll do a great deal post soon. But up next will be some fun we had last night at the Fall Festival. So come back soon!