Monday, April 26, 2010

doggy check up

We took Jazz to the vet a couple weeks back and right after that Karina decided he needed another quick check up later that night at home. Can you tell by the look on his face he was ready to be done?

great finds

Last weekend we went out shopping. Jeff needed a few things at Home Depot and Karina and I felt like getting out too. So we went along, but found something a little more fun to do while daddy went in "his" store. :) So we walked over to Pier One. I hadn't been in there in awhile and just planned to browse and not buy. Well that changed after I found these! You see that lovely little red tag on them? These beauties were marked down from $4.95 to $.48!!! Yay for me!

I had been wanting to get some new place mats for our new table that seats six since our last table only sat four. Because of that I had only ever bought four place mats at a time. So these were PERFECT! I loved the colors and patterns and don't they go well with my crazy bright tulips?! I think they are great for Spring and Summer and couldn't be happier. So that made my day.

Then my little mini shopper found something that caught her eye. She had never looked through a kaleidoscope before and was taken with all the pretty colors. So at only a few dollars we got it. She looked through it the whole way home and then some more.

Hope you all are enjoying all the pretty colors around you too!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the life

These are several pics from one of our recent beach trips and we are ready to head back to the sand and surf tomorrow! Loving life!

three gulls at the beach

Some of you might get a bit tired of my blog come May because most of my post are all about the beach. But it is where we live and a big part of our life. I am so blessed to be able to at the drop of a hat pack up my little lady, some toys, a couple chairs and some lunch and head out to what I think is one of the prettiest places I've ever seen.

I thoroughly enjoy the company of others in my family as well and this was one of those days. My mom had the day off and came along with us to enjoy the beauty. We, she and I, used to do this a lot when Karina was a baby. Just the three of us would pack up and head out for some swimming and sweet sunshine. SO it was like old times and I ate it up, every minute!

This was a really neat little store and we all found something fun. Karina got this little mermaid and a cool new bucket and shovel. Oh yeah Cinderella even got some sun on this gorgeous day.

Don't you just love that she has her hair up and high heels on?!

picture perfect!

Two more gulls at the beach. :)

sprinkler fun

Lately our days have looked like this. Fun times in the sprinkler and with the cousins. They will be over to have some more fun with us in a couple days and now that the pool is set up I know they will be having some fun in it. SO I am praising God for the sun, the water, the flowers and the cousins. And the sweet blessing that is mine when watching these precious kiddos!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

my pleasure

Oh how I love making baby gifts. And after I make them I love finding other little things to go with them. I thought this onesie couldn't be cuter and really went with my little blanket and hat set. Then I found the book and couldn't resist. The little card I made taking the idea from one I had seen before. This was all just mailed off to a dear sweet cousin of mine expecting their first child and I couldn't be more excited for them. They will be meeting their new little man in less then a day now and I pray it is all they have hoped for!

Monday, April 19, 2010

julie's birthday

It was a lovely day, a lovely place.....

...a lovely lunch...

...with lovely ladies

on the ranch

I was so excited to see how Karina would be this year going to the strawberry fields. She was only two and a half last year when we went and so I knew it would be kinda silly to even try taking her down the long rows of berries and expect her to be interested. So we did the easy thing and bought a batch already picked. But this year was very different. She was excited with me and though that excitement lasted as long as it took her to find some yummy berries to dig her teeth into I still enjoyed every minute.

It was also fun to have my sister in law come along with her kids. Her sweet son Ethan was really good at picking berries even after the girls had lost interest and picking along side him made me think of how fun it will be when Karina is even a little older next time.

This picture is proof enough that these berries were beautiful!! I couldn't help but eat some myself! (Yes we were given permission to eat a few.)

My little lady inspecting the fruit!

And continuing with the inspection. :)

We even found another little one inspecting for us....

After the girls had their fill and had picked their grass to "feed to the cows" they started the trek back to the animals.

I made sure our box was nice and full as I walked with the girls.

My mom and my sister got there a little after we did and so these are ones I took of them out in the fields. I love this one of my oldest niece Natalie. I love how she looks deep in thought and is probably, like her mom, trying to find the prettiest and the best berries. :)

Then it was onto some fun little games they had. Karina had never played horse shoes before but what a pose right?!

I guess we could have told the girls that you both stand on the same side to avoid injury. But no children were harmed in the taking of this picture. Karina was so proud when she scored!

This ranch had a nice little collection of animals and just enough to amuse my little animal lover.

This beehive was a pretty neat new addition. The bright blue one is the queen bee.

My sweet strawberry girl!

All the cousins!!

These baby calves were so cute but I think we might have scared them a bit with a flock of excited kids!

Then it was on to a fun wagon ride around the ranch! It was a bumpy one but fun none the less. The kids loved it and after this everyone was ready for lunch.

Karina loves her Yia Yia!!

I love all these big kids!!

Can you tell it was a lovely day? The weather was PERFECT! It was just cool enough that you didn't get hot. And those berries!! Oh man were they delicious!!!

After a wonderful time on the ranch Karina headed home with my mom. While I went to meet some dear friends to celebrate one of their birthdays over a really yummy lunch. Later that night when Jeff was headed home I called him to ask if he would stop to buy some cool whip and angel food cake. And this is what we made! Man oh man was it good!!! There is something so fulfilling about enjoying the FRUITS of your labor!